10 Great Reasons to Get an Electric Car

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Admittedly, many of us will continue to use conventional cars even with the increasing popularity of electric cars.  In a way, this is not such a big deal considering that there are ways to lessen the environmental pollution that comes with using a fuel-powered car, not to mention that getting an electric car to replace your old but still functioning car is still an expensive proposition.

However, if you are in the market for a new vehicle, then consider these ten practical reasons to go electric over an electric car.

Lesser Service Costs

Since the parts are fewer in an electric car, there are fewer things to fix, too.  As such, you can drastically reduce your trips to the mechanic and, hence, significantly lower your service bills.  Your wallets will be fatter, too.

Say Goodbye to Oil Changes

Oil changes can be a hassle, not to mention a real pollutant.  With an electric car, you say goodbye to oil changes since only the coolant flush and battery changes will be on the menu, both of which are less polluting and time-consuming than an oil change.

Get Rid of Tailpipe Emissions

Among the hazardous by-products of using fuel-powered cars is tailpipe emissions that generate fumes loaded with carcinogens and toxins as well as respiratory disease-inducing particles.

Lesser Fuel Costs

You will only spend around $25 on fuel, so to speak, with an electric car.  This is with the assumption that your usage is within the US average of 12 cents charge for every kilowatt hour consumed at 12,000 miles driven annually with an efficiency of 5 miles per kilowatt hour.

Stable Prices

Along with the savings, you will also enjoy the fact electricity prices are more stable than fuel prices.  No more worrying about spending an arm and a leg for gasoline tomorrow.

Noiseless Driving

One of the pet peeves in driving a car is the noise made by the engine in particular and the car in general.  With an electric vehicle, you can say goodbye to such irritating noises.

Diverse Sources of Energy

Unlike fuel-driven cars, electric vehicles secure its energy through various means from conventional sources like coal and natural gas electricity to renewable source like solar and wind power.  Think of it in terms of increased energy security.

Reliance on Homemade Energy

Instead of getting energy for your car from countries that appear to hate the United States and its citizens in general, you secure the energy for your electric car from homemade sources.  On many ways, you are patronizing our own economy and, hence, helping it back to its feet.

Reduction of Overall Environmental Pollution

Electric vehicles can do much for the reduction of environmental pollution especially when the power is secured from renewable sources.  Ultimately, we also reduce dependence on fossil fuel and from then on, protect the environment.

Stop Support for Societies that Hate Our Country

Alright, this may sound a little bit on the racist side but when you sue an electric car, you are contributing to our nation’s efforts to reduce dependence on oil imports from countries where its terrorist citizens seek to harm us and our loved ones.

If you have any other reason to go the electric way, then spread it and become part of a strong movement towards a greener Earth, a greener economy and a greener pocket.

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