3 Organic Methods to a Great Smelling Home

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Most people find that their home doesn’t always smell the best.  There are some foods that leave a smell or others can smell bad if they accidentally get burned while being cooked.  Then there are some “experiments” that accidentally get created inside the fridge, which can really leave a foul odor as well.  Of course, while you may want to eliminate those nasty odors, you won’t want to bring in the poisons that can come along with air fresheners that are synthetic and full of chemicals.  Here is a look at some organic methods you can use to get a home that smells great.

Get Rid of the Odor

First, you need to work at getting rid of the source of the odors that are in your home.  You can’t afford to merely cover up those odors.  If there are veggies and fruits that are rotting, throw them in the compost bucket.  Wash away any leftover trace that may be in the fridge as well.  Use some baking soda in the fridge to eliminate the odors that show up there.  Another way is to empty your garbage and if there is any wetness in the can, it needs to be washed up.  Then to get rid of odors, put in a bit of baking soda.  Did you accidentally burn dinner?  Suck out the smoke with the hood on the range and then use a towel dampened with some vinegar, wave it around, and try to stop the alarm while still neutralizing any smells in the air.

Add Nice Smells

The next thing that you need to do to get a home that smells nice is to add some nice smells to your home.  While you are cooking foods that smell strong, such as cabbage and fish, a bit of warm vinegar on the stove can help to eliminate these smells.  Another option you have is to burn some candles and they should be unscented.  Just make sure that any candles you light are kept away from pets and kids.  Spraying around some vinegar and water can help get rid of strong odors from cooking too.  Take a spray bottle, put in an equal amount of water and vinegar, then spray into the air.  A little vanilla extract can help with smells as well.  Put a bit on a cotton ball, then put that on a saucer, and simply allow it to sit on the counter.  Heating up some cinnamon sticks on the stove in some warm water and leave a pleasant smell as well.  You can add in some lemons and cloves for an even better smell.

Clean Air from Plants

Having some plants is a great idea if you want to eliminate smells from your home.  They can provide you with some more clean air.  When they produce the oxygen, they help to get rid of toxins that are in the air, leaving you with cleaner air that smells better.  Plants that have leaves that are scented can also help the air, such as lavender, rosemary, geraniums, and more.

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