7 Green Beauty Tips You Need to Use

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There are many ways that you can work on going green today.  However, did you know that you can even go green in your beauty routine?  If you are committed to saving the environment and living your life as green as possible, here is a look at some of the green beauty tips you need to use.

1.   Start Reading the Labels on Beauty Products – Before you use beauty products, you need to start reading the labels.  This is the best way to find out what is really in them.  Sure, some may say they are safe, natural, or eco friendly, but you find out the truth when you check out the ingredients.  If you cannot figure out what the ingredients are, then don’t use the product on your body.

2.   Look for Paraben Free Products – As you choose your beauty products, you want to look for paraben free products.  Preservatives like parabens are actually toxic.  If you continue to use them, you put your health in danger.  Instead of using products that use parabens as preservatives, look for products that make use of natural preservatives, such as grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, or other essential oils.

3.   Avoid Antiperspirants that Contain Aluminum – Believe it or not, many antiperspirants out there include aluminum in them.  Sure, you need to use an antiperspirant, but look for one that doesn’t have aluminum in it.  Aluminum can end up blocking pores, and there are some studies that show that there may be a link between this ingredient and developing breast cancer.

4.   Stop Using Products with Petroleum – Many conventional beauty products out there include petroleum, which is not great for your skin, not to mention it’s unhealthy for the environment.  Petroleum can actually make skin problems worse, and it’s better to go with products that are plant based instead.

5.   Choose Natural Moisturizers – Moisturizing is definitely an important part of any beauty routine, but you need to make sure you choose natural moisturizers.  Go with options that are made with ingredients that are plant based so you get natural moisture for the skin.  You don’t want your skin to absorb chemicals, so avoid products that include synthetics, fake fragrances, chemicals, and parabens.

6.   Get a Great Smile the Natural Way – Part of any beauty routine includes taking care of your teeth.  However, many types of toothpaste and other products for your teeth include chemicals that you aren’t aware of.  Instead of going with products that can potentially poison your system, go with products that use natural abrasives for whitening and botanicals to help you clean your teeth.

7.   Be Careful When Selecting Fragrances – If you like to wear fragrances on a regular basis, you need to be very careful when making this selection.  Some fragrances come from plants and are made with essential oils.  However, there are other options that have many chemicals in them that are dangerous to your health.  Many scents use phthalates, which can be dangerous to your body and to the environment as well.  Products that include natural fragrances is a much better option for your body and the environment.

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  1. This was interesting! I never knew petroleum was bad for the environment so I’ll get rid of mine right away. I started using a somewhat natural moisturizer by making my own. I combine tea tree oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E & K oil together. It’s like an all in one cleanser, astringent and moisturizer.

  2. Angel Chavis says:

    Great article, and Briana, great moisturizer recipe!

  3. Delphine says:

    “Avoid” is such a crazy word in the context of green living and in dieting. Avoiding anti-perspirants with aluminum, for example says ‘try to find something different, but if you can’t then you’ve made the effort and its ok to use your usual anti-perspirant again this time, but remember to look for an opportunity to avoid it again next time you shop at the same shop.” The truly helpful advice explains more about why not aluminum, and says ‘do not use’ rather than ‘avoid’. “avoid” is one of those meaningless politically correct words to me – what are YOU avoiding? Litigation for taking a green stand?

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