Amazing Uses of Bamboo

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Bamboo is a really amazing material.  It can grow incredibly quickly in all kinds of environments, and it’s very resilient.  There are nearly a thousand and a half species of bamboo, with lots of differences between them.  However, most kinds have a few things in common.  They need much less water than many other crops, can grow in bad soil, and are pest resistant.

Bamboo usually brings thoughts of Asia to mind, but around five hundred of the bamboo species are temperate, with several species native to the Eastern and Southeastern US, as well as Australia.  This is the world’s fastest growing plant, and under the correct conditions, some species can add as much as a foot of height per day.  There’s a lot of uses for it, too, and we just keep finding more.

Traditionally, bamboo has been used to make baskets, cookwear, in construction, and for all kinds of other day to day items.  It can take the place of steel rebar in concrete, and can be laminated together to create planks used for flooring, paneling, or furniture.  Bamboo can be pounded and spun to produce silky soft yarns, and woven to make fabrics.  It’s even edible.  There’s a good chance you’ve encountered bamboo shoots in a Chinese meal or too.  Beer has even been made from bamboo.

This is an excellent crop for many areas, as it doesn’t deplete the soil to the same degree as others, and doesn’t need to be mono-cropped.  It replaces itself quickly, making it an excellent substitute for wood in many cases.  Bamboo can even replace plastic products in some cases.  That means that more and more items are being made from bamboo.  Next time you go to the store, take a look at everything you can buy made from this excellent material.

You should remember that bamboo products currently cost a little more than conventional ones because fewer of them are being made.  However, clothing made from bamboo is durable and environmentally sustainable, and kitchenware using bamboo lasts longer and even has some built in antimicrobial properties.  Bamboo furniture and flooring can be made to match just about any home decor, and they’re far more sustainable than the same items made from wood.

If you’re concerned about the use of non-renewable resources or resources that take a long time to renew, choosing bamboo might be the answer.  This incredible plant is sustainable and versatile.  There are an incredible number of uses for bamboo!

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