Autumn Leaves: Healthy Alternatives to Burning Fallen Leaves

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When it comes to autumn leaves, there are many healthy alternatives to burning fallen leaves.  When individuals who specialize in the overall quality of air studied the effects of burning leaves on the environment, it was found that there is a negative impact on the environment.  As autumn grows closer this year, it is important that individuals work to consider healthy alternatives to burning all of those leaves that have fallen in your lawn.  Here, you will learn about these healthy alternatives.

What Effect Does Burning Leaves Have on the Environment?

There are many effects that burning leaves have on the environment.  When leaves are burned, the smoke emits something that researchers and professionals call “particulates”.  When individuals who are elderly, extremely young and those who experience breathing complications are subjected to these particulates, they have been found to experience a number of health complications.  These particulates have been found to actually embed themselves into various areas of the body and remain there for an extensive amount of time.  In addition to this, the pollution that is emitted from the burning leaves enters into the atmosphere and results in the effects of the greenhouse effect as a whole.

Healthy Alternatives to Leave Burning

There are many healthy alternatives to leave burning.  It is important that if you deal with the particular issue of falling leaves in your yard, that you know and understand some of the healthy solutions to this problem.  Listed below are some great alternatives to getting rid of those pesky leaves:

1.    One of the first ways that you can eliminate the leaves in your yard is to check and see if there is a leaf pickup service in your area.  In most areas there is a curbside pickup that will pick up leaves if you bag them up and set them out by the road.  If this service is available, you should take full advantage of it.

2.    The next method that you can use to eliminate leaves and make good use of them is to get yourself a lawn mower that actually takes the leaves that you mow over and transforms them into mulch.  You can then take the mulch and actually use it to line driveways, walk areas, garden beds, and even around trees and other types of plants.

3.    You can also work to perform composting with the leaves that you have.  This is basically a process in which the leaves are broke down by mixing them with plant materials and other types of items, such as fertilizers.

4.    If you live in an area where you have wooded area on your property, you could actually haul the leaves to a designated area in the woods and dump the leaves there.  Over time, the leaves will naturally break down and will be eliminated.

As you can see, there are many healthy alternatives to burning fall leaves.  When it comes to eliminating these leaves, it is important to ensure that you keep your health, the health of others, and the health of the environment in mind.

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