Avoid Overnight Shipping

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Little Things Make The Difference

Did you know that the way you have goods shipped could be having a big environmental impact?  Overnight shipping burns a lot of fuel per item – the most inefficient means of shipping.  That means that it’s important to select regular ground transportation for your mailing needs, not rush delivery, if you want to cut down on pollution and save fuel.

While it’s easy to forget about things until the last moment, overnight shipping is about six times as wasteful as sending things ground.  Plus, airplanes release their pollution high in the atmosphere, allowing any greenhouse gas they put out to do more damage than the same amount of gas released at ground level.  From a global warming/climate change perspective, rush shipping is a bad idea.  Plus it costs a lot, so by avoiding it, you’ll be saving a lot of money.

This is just one of the little ways that climate change affects us.  There are all kinds of small aspects of our lives that can have an effect on the environment and on global warning.  It’s though that moving vehicles have the biggest effect on emission of greenhouse gases.  We have about four hundred and fifty vehicles out there today, accounting for around a fifth of the world’s emissions.

A third to a half of those emissions are put out by personal transportation – cars and trucks used by private citizens to get back and forth.  Likewise, a third of the toxic water pollution put out by vehicles and nearly half of the toxic air emissions come from personal transport.  Emissions standards can help, but in the US, there are many personal transportation vehicles (like SUVs and trucks) that don’t have the same requirements as a passenger car.  If these vehicles were only being used for work, that might be reasonable, but they’re being used by most just like a passenger vehicle.

Our dependence on fossil fuels (which keeps growing with the population) is a significant factor in the increase of greenhouse emissions.  That just makes climate change worse, and it spells bad news for everyone.  You might hear people joke that they wish they’d get some global warming where they are this winter, but if they knew how climate change really worked, they wouldn’t say so.

That’s because, according to the majority of experts, climate change has a good chance of increasing natural disasters, from flooding and hurricanes with greater intensity in some areas to more droughts, heat waves and fires in others.  Global climate change will increase the severity of weather patterns everywhere.  That means a big impact on almost everyone and almost every industry.  Higher temperatures even affect our water supplies and air quality.

Global warming and climate change affect us in many different ways, and almost every aspect of our lives has an effect on the world around us, too.  That means that if you’re concerned about decreasing your ecological footprint, you need to take a hard look at every aspect of your life.  Even something as small as overnight shipping has a big impact.

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