Be Green and Buy Carbon Offsets

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The concept of carbon offsets is a relatively simple one.  Basically, to reduce carbon emissions in the environment you can sponsor the planting of trees in the world to help enhance oxygen production and other benefits.  There is quite a bit of confusion and, yes, some controversy around the issue which is why it deserves a closer look.

Since the purchase of carbon credits cannot exist without some selling them, there will be instances where less than honest sellers enter the fray and do not exactly promote carbon credits in an ethical manner.  Sadly, such an element will always exist in any sales venture.  The key is to look for those sellers that have a stellar reputation and will not undermine your ability to get the most out of the venture and offset the footprint of carbon dioxide emissions.

Once you do find a reputable and reliable carbon credits professional, you can get right down to the proper business at hand.  You can seek out someone that will help you sponsor the planting and care of trees that will neutralize the negative impact your own personal carbon footprint would have on the environment.  And, as previously mentioned, you will want to go about this the right way and seek out those members of the industry that are legitimate and can help facilitate the proper acquisitions.

First and foremost, you really need to perform more than cursory research on the company you consider making the carbon offset purchases from.  You do not want to buy from a company that has complaints lodged against it.  Rather, you will want to stick with a company that has a strong reputation and is known for delivering on what it promises.

What is the process in which the company plants trees?  Where will the trees be planted?  What kind of trees will they be and who will be taking care of them?  These are vital questions to ask because you want to be sure that you are sponsoring a ‘tree planting’ service that does more than just plant trees.  It is designed to promote what is necessary to significantly boosting the improvements in the environment to a significant degree.

One way to make sure the carbon offset service is legitimate is to examine the totality of its promotional website.  If the site is notorious for merely containing sales pitches then it is doubtfully all that great of a carbon offset service.  Rather, it would come off more like a sales venture that is looking to take advantage of current cultural trends.  That does not speak highly of the overall value or long term commitments of the company.

When the website is promoting all many of tips and helpful information designed to improve the environment or to reduce your carbon footprint, the company may very well be the one you want to work with.  This is because the serious commitment of the company will shine through the enthusiastic presentation it delivers.  This would clearly be a positive attribute and a major endorsement of the value of the site.

Ultimately, you will want to stick with those sites, services, and sellers that are seriously committed to the improvement of the environment.  Purchase your carbon offsets from these legitimate venues.  You will definitely be pleased with the results.

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