Become Organic and Start Going Green

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There are many people out there that want to avoid allowing chemicals to contaminate their body. The good news is that there are some easy solutions out there that you can use to make some changes. Going with some easy alternatives that are eco friendly provide you with a way to live a lifestyle that is green and all natural.

You’ll find that there are many great benefits to going with organic clothing, organic foods, and other organic products. When it comes to foods, you’ll find that the food is good and making the choice to go organic is just a sensible choice. You’ll get great food that is tasty, full of nutrients, it’s good for the local economy, and it’s a great choice for the environment as well.

When it comes to organic farming, wellness and health is what it’s all about. For good health and keeping the body strong enough to avoid disease, we have to keep a balance in our environment and our body as well. When herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, and genetic engineering procedures are used, this can upset the balance and end up harming the body. So, organic farming really has a huge impact.

In the past 40-50 years, there has been a big increase of chemicals used on crops. Many of the cereal crops are sprayed up to 8 times while they are being grown, and fruits and vegetables can be sprayed even more. Then they are sprayed again to help keep bacteria from growing when they are transported and stored. As pests and bacteria become immune to the chemicals, increasingly stronger and more toxic chemicals have to be used to kill them.

When it comes to organic farming, there are very stringent standards that have to be met. There cannot be any fertilizers or pesticides that are carcinogenic, there can’t be sewage or human waste, and there are no additives to the foods as well. It’s even been proven that fruits and vegetables that are raised organically actually contain even more nutrients.

Organic farms help to minimize their impact on our environment. They try to keep bio diversity in place, preserving unique and unusual types of seeds. They also work to enrich soils in natural manners and work to keep ecosystems surviving. This type of farming is also know to be healthier for farmers and their workers and is providing a great way to support the local economies across America.

Health risks are reduced as well with foods that are organically produced. Chemicals are not used on organic foods, which helps to reduce the toxic burden that our bodies have to deal with. With crop rotation, organic farmers are able to help prevent soil erosion, preserving the soil for future years.

Of course, organic foods aren’t the only way you can go organic. Today you’ll find that there are organic personal care products, organic textiles, and more. If you want to ensure you are choosing products that are safe for you and your family, as well as safe for the environment, consider making the switch to green organic products. You’ll preserve your health and our world.

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  1. Organic is definitely a great start to going green. It’s great you point out local farming, because that is also a great way to start going healthier and living a more green lifestyle. Many local farms have already been using organic methods of growing their produce, but may not necessarily have the organic certification.

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