Best Ways to Avoid Mercury

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While most people have heard of Mercury and Mercury poisoning they may not be completely familiar with how severe it can be or how to avoid being poisoned.  Developing a clear understanding on the subject of Mercury is most definitely helpful because it can aid in reducing the unfortunate impact the poison can have on the human body.

Mercury is considered a heavy metal poison and its method of absorption is through the skin, lungs, and the digestive system.  Once it is absorbed into the system, the consequences can be devastating.  The target of such poison is the central nervous system and once the poison comes in contact with it, it is not impossible that the central nervous system can be destroyed.  Additionally, the organs in the body can be targeted by this poison leading to their malfunction which can cause death.  Depending upon the exposure to Mercury, those that can survive such poisoning have been known to suffer brain damage and insanity as a result.  Needless to say, exposure to this poison must be avoided.  Granted, that can be difficult considering the high volume of it present in certain environments.

For example, many people are known to ingest Mercury through their diet if they are known to eat a lot of fish.  So, to avoid Mercury, you would be best served modifying your diet and only including fish that have long since been established for not containing high levels of Mercury in them.  Such fish know for high Mercury levels include swordfish, tuna, snapper, and any fish that have been caught in regions known for high levels of industrial pollution.

Some may opt to avoid fish in their diet altogether but this alone will not completely prevent potential exposure to Mercury.  Coal emissions are known for greatly boosting the presence of Mercury and since coal is the prime source of electricity production, it would be best to reduce your consumption of electricity so as to reduce your potential exposure to Mercury.  Yes, something as simple as being mindful of how much electricity you use can reverse the negative impact of Mercury on your health.

Probably one of the most severe means of ingesting Mercury would be through the very unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes.  Among the many serious problems smoking causes, exposure to Mercury can be added to the list.  Therefore, it is strongly advised to give up this bad habit if you want to avoid being poisoned or suffering from scores of other health related problems.

Beware of the type of paint you use around the house.  While many paints ceased being made with Mercury as an ingredient, a number still are.  Avoiding these types of paints is mandatory when you want to stay clear of Mercury poisoning.

It is also best to educate yourself on the various other sources of Mercury.  Most people known thermometers contain mercury but did you known batteries and fluorescent light bulbs do as well?  Always familiarize yourself with the sources of Mercury since this will play a role in your ability to avoid it.

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