Carbon Footprints 101: What Is It and How to Reduce Yours

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Our existence on Earth generates its own set of carbon footprints by virtue of our use of natural resources, even in the times of the hunter-gatherer society.  As time went on and tools were introduced into society, ostensibly to make life easier on humans, humanity’s carbon footprint increased proportionately.  Thus, we now experience troubling events like climate change brought by human activities.

Carbon Footprint Defined

What exactly is a carbon footprint?  The accepted definition is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the activities of individuals and organizations as well as their consumption of natural and manmade products.  It is expressed in terms of the quantity of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted.  At present, global warming can be attributed to more than 90 percent of human activities and products.  As such, the need to lessen one’s carbon footprint takes on more meaning and urgency.

Causes of Our Harmful Carbon Footprints

There are many causes to the increase of our harmful carbon footprints.  For one thing, we cause so much land, air and water pollution by our excessive use of natural and manmade products as well as our activities like dumping garbage without thought to recycling and reusing them.  For another thing, we steadfastly refuse to embrace alternative sources of energy and ways of living.  We stick to fossil fuel when we have water to power our cars.  We use commercial personal hygiene products containing environmentally harmful ingredients when we can make our own homemade products.

Solutions to Lessening Your Carbon Footprint

Fortunately, you can reverse this deplorable trend by adopting green living habits.  These are very practical tips that only need careful consideration and thoughtful execution until you do them almost automatically in your daily life.

– Reduce your use of natural and manmade products by sticking to the basics of modern life.  Buy new things only when you have to and only when you are assured these are eco-friendly.  Reuse your old things to make new things.  You will be lessening one less garbage on the landfills and incinerators.  Recycle your junk and maybe even make money out of them by re-selling them.

– Get moving by walking to your destinations, using the stairs and riding your bicycle, all of which will also make you healthier in mind and body.

– Use solar power to provide energy and light to your home.  If solar panels are too expensive for you now, start with solar lights for the garden and pathways as well as portable solar water heaters.

– Choose organic and natural products for the home and office as well as personal hygiene and foods.

– Be mindful of your food consumption and waste – can fruits and vegetables, reheat leftovers and cook only what you can eat.

– Switch to energy-efficient home and kitchen appliances as well as make your home more eco-friendly like planting deciduous trees near windows receiving the most sunlight.

Of course, you must also know of the latest in conserving the environment.  As time goes on, more and more knowledge toward this end is being discovered and it is up to each one of us to adopt them as we see fit.

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  1. Dave says:

    Thats a decent little set of “rules” so to speak, to get yourself in line to reduce your impact on the earth. Nice job!

  2. Morris Merow says:

    Another tip is to buy or build a wind turbine to generate power from the wind. It can be a great addition to a solar system. I’ve got plans from the internet to build one myself.

  3. Climatarians says:

    It is so true that we human beings have been the cause for the deterioration of this planet. We have indiscriminately lived our lives which in turn has adversely impacted the health of this planet. It is time we corrected ourselves and set our living right in order to straighten things out. At Climatarians, our global sustainability directory, we bring together people interested in environmental issues together to make a positive change.

  4. Denjo says:

    By switching to safer, more economical and environmentally-responsible house brand, we can save billion pounds of plastic bottles in 10 years. That would be around 50 billion fewer plastic bottles in our landfills.

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