Easy Ways to Set Up a Recycling Scheme at Work

The office can be a wasteful place. Paper, plastic water bottles, defunct office equipment, toner cartridges, pens, and so on, float around and often end up getting discarded. This kind of waste in the workplace is of growing concern. Setting up a recycling scheme at work can help. Here are some easy ways to make that happen.

1. Involve Your Boss

Have a meeting with your boss and include him or her in your plans. Point out that recycling will save the company money in the long run, and make sure your boss is on board before proceeding. If you proceed without his or her knowledge, you may find your efforts thwarted.

2. Contact Your Local Waste Authority

Don’t hit Print too quickly

The average American uses more than 700 pounds of paper a year in today’s modern office and at home from the numbers of copies of documents which are made needlessly.  Too often office workers are quick to make printouts of documents, especially each and every time a small change is made, despite the fact that the change may only be a minor one.  Here are a few tips to help you save the amount of paper that you produce on a daily basis in your office or at home.

Use a Refillable Mug

The EPA estimates that nearly 25 billion one use paper and Styrofoam cups are thrown away by Americans for drinks purchased at commercial establishments or drunk in the office.  The sad truth is that nearly every one of these temporary vessels ends up in landfills or clogging our waterways.  It’s a very troubling statistic because polystyrene literally takes hundreds of years to break down, and is made of petroleum, which is nonrenewable.  Scientists have also recently discovered that carcinogenic (cancer causing) compounds leach out of polystyrene, right into your hot drink.

Eco-Friendly Printing and Office Tips

Paper is a big problem from an environmentalism perspective.  Every day, we come in contact with a lot of paper, and we mostly throw it out!  Americans consume more paper per capita than any other country in the world – more than seven hundred pounds per person!

Others have serious paper consumption problems as well (Western Europe used about four hundred pounds per person, Australia about three hundred pounds, and Latin America about one hundred pounds per person.  The US is definitely in the lead, and our use of paper has a big effect on our environment.

Green Living: Telecommuting and The Workplace

Lots of people dream of working from home, and for many, the dream is coming true.  So many of our jobs are now computer related, so telecommuting is getting a lot more popular.  After all, it saves everyone time and money, and it reduces our demand for oil.  It also reduces traffic problems and damaging emissions from the daily commute.  There are plenty of great things about telecommuting.

If you have only a fifteen mile daily commute, you’re among the people with a shorter drive to work.  However, over the course of a year, you’ll end up driving more than five thousand, five hundred miles.  That takes a lot of fuel, even if you use more efficient methods, such as taking the bus or train.  Plus, most of us don’t like the time we have to spend on the commute.  That’s a lot of hours you’ll never get back.