Guaranteed Ways To Go Green At Work

Reduce your carbon footprint while at the office in order to save the natural resources and energy while you are working.  Consider the way you use lights.  Turn off lights in the office when you go out for lunch and when you leave for the day.  Tack a note to the inside of the bathroom door reminding people to turn off the lights when they leave.

Purchase Recycled Paper to Help a Bird

Experts have calculated that Americans throw out so much office paper alone that a year’s worth would stretch from Los Angeles to New York and stand 12 feet tall. While not done so much in America anymore, logging of the boreal forest in both Canada and Siberia is happening at such a lightning-quick pace, it is proving too speedy for many of the native songbirds that live there.

According to a 2007 report by produced by a coalition of environmental groups, known as The State of the Paper Industry.  One of the most troublesome facts among the report’s findings is that the average American consumes more than 700 pounds of paper a year. Currently, the paper industry is listed as the fourth-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions among all manufacturers listed, and thrown away paper accounts for one-third of all landfill waste. It was reported that reducing paper consumption by only 10% would produce savings equivalent to taking 280,000 cars off the road.

Reuse Or Recycle Your Inkjet Cartridges

Contrary to popular belief, it’s a very easy matter to reuse or recycle your inkjet cartridges. If you’ve been throwing away your inkjet and toner cartridges in the garbage up to this point, you’re not alone. There are over 13 cartridges discarded in the U.S. every second, according to the folks at In North America alone, that’s more than 350 million cartridges that end up in landfills every year, and that number increases by about 12% on an annual basis, making that a total of 70% of used printer cartridges throughout the world currently being thrown out. These cartridges are made with plastics that can take at least 1,000 years to decompose. Not a good thing.  In one year, if all of the world’s discarded cartridges were stacked end-to-end, they would circle the Earth more than three times.

How to Find a Green Employer

The visible changes in the current climate should have something to say when looking for the right job. Getting a green job is one way of ensuring your role when it comes to saving our wonderful planet. Green ways of working should be included as your top priority when looking for a job.

An environmentally driven individual knows that the right job can give him or her the chance to make a successful living and simultaneously offering support to their environment. Working for an eco-friendly company guarantees a the behavior to be environmentally invigorating, decreasing current ecological costs and making best use of prospects to restore natural reserves, but most of all, reduces carbon emissions.