Use an Organic Honey Face Mask for Your Beauty Needs

So many people have the natural reflex to head to their local beauty shop, drug store, or department store for a fancy facemask in order to enhance their beauty.  The thing is though; you do not need to waste your time, your money, or your environment to have the fresh and smooth skin you have always wanted.

When you think of honey, do you think facemask or topping for your toast?  If you think of both, then you are on the right track.  Honey is chopped full of incredible properties that allow it to be considered the best natural facemask treatment out there.  Even with the most sensitive of skin, honey works perfectly, as long as you are not allergic to the sweet nectar of course.

Eco-Friendly Hair Beauty Products

Our hair is our crowning glory.  Unfortunately, in our quest to make it sleeker, smoother and sexier, we also contribute to environmental damage.  This is because the shampoos, conditioners, sprays and other cosmetic products used on hair contain chemical substances harmful to the environment, not to mention that the packaging itself is not eco-friendly.

It’s the Packaging

Let’s start with the materials used to package these hair products, which are often colorful to attract the consumers’ attention.  You will find plastic cans, sachets and spray bottles, all of which takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Thus, you will read reports of plastic residues poisoning the soil and ground water.  In a way, when you become careless with your hair products because you were too engrossed in beautiful hair, your future grandchildren will pay the consequences of non-potable water.

Bamboo Clothes- the Future of Green Fashion

Bamboo clothes?  You might imagine spear-like skirts and tops; no one would dare wear the ensemble unless it’s a costume party.  When referring to bamboo clothes, it’s about the bamboo pulp content in the cloth.

The Green in Green Fashion

Green fashion is fast making a statement, thanks to an imperiled environment.  But as green is green is, there is a violent reaction to bamboo clothes.  True, the bamboo plant is not difficult to grow.  It is a natural pesticide and does not need too much water.  It can replicate fast and grow up to several feet.  The descriptions sounds good, but wait until you know what goes into processing the bamboo pulp to create bamboo fabric.

Going Green Sports and Fitness Special Report

Going green in training is something that we will see a lot of in the coming years, as individuals are looking for easy ways to stay in shape.  These green fitness routines will allow these people to avoid spending large amounts of money on training equipment, while taking advantage of the natural training environments that Mother Nature has provided us with.  By using the following techniques and getting yourself into shape in an environmentally friendly manner, you can help ensure that the outdoors is as beautiful in the future as it is right now.

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Good Looking, Eco-Friendly Cozy Boots

Wishing there was a way that you could go green with your feet? There is! There are actually a new type of boots out there that are eco friendly.  They are recycled, but the great thing is, they don’t look like it – they look incredible.

Several years ago I came across special Simple’s Green Toe shoes.  They are slip ons that they probably don’t carry, but they did a great job.  Once it started getting colder, I was looking for something that would keep my toes nice and warm.  While I tend to be a skeptic of green products, I love the fact that there is a growing demand out there for products that are friendly to the environment.  The problem is, some companies greenwash products, which gives them credit for having products that are green or recyclable when they really don’t do too much to help out the environment.