Secrets behind Wind Turbine Technology

In some places of the world, wind turbine power accounts for ten percent of the total electricity consumed.  This is, sadly, a very small fraction of the power generation and consumption coming from coal plants as well as from solar panels.  Still, it is progress that we should welcome for the simple reason that taking it one step at a time is better than taking no steps at all in the right direction.

To take these small but important steps towards cleaner electricity through wind power, it is important to know about the secrets, open these may be to anyone interested, behind wind turbine technology.

Turbines in Relation to the Generation of Electricity

Solar Power Inverters

One of the best things about solar power is its relative simplicity.  Add that to the independence you get and the clean renewable energy that comes from it, and you’ve got a winner.  After all, you need a solar panel or panels, wiring, a regulator/charge controller, an inverter, and in some cases a deep cycle battery.  The inverter is one of the most important, but also one of the most frequently overlooked components.  It’s what helps you turn energy from your solar panel into usable power.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Heating water is responsible for probably the largest amount of energy usage in most homes today.  Not only are you spending a large portion of your energy bills for heating water, but your power usage creates large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.  When people begin considering greener, renewable energy options, the obvious choice is solar hot water.

By using solar water heating systems you able to reduce your water heating bill dramatically for years to come and you’re also able to generate your own power using our largest natural resource – the sun.

When you generate your own renewable energy with solar hot water heating systems, you’re not creating any harmful emissions.  You’re reducing the amount of fossil fuels you use and reducing carbon emissions you would otherwise be creating by heating your water with other traditional methods.

Looking at Compact Fluorescent Lamp Bulbs

The increased public awareness of environmental issues has led to a number of unique, “green” products entering the marketplace.  One such product is the compact fluorescent lamp (light) bulb.  This new light bulb is rapidly replacing the traditional incandescent bulb thanks to its cost and energy saving benefits.

Surprisingly, compact fluorescent lamps are not a new invention.  There were originally developed in response to the 1973 Oil Crisis.  Since these new bulbs were far more energy efficient than the traditional light bulbs, there were high hopes for their success.  However, the compact fluorescent lamps were far from cost effective and could not compete in the marketplace.

Your Options for Wind Turbines

Solar power is not all there is to eco-friendly power generation for residential purposes.  You should also look into the possibilities of wind turbines to provide electricity for everything from your cell phone to your hybrid car.

In this regard, you have two choices, the horizontal-axis and vertical-axis wind turbines.  You will find that both perform similar functions although the pros and cons of each type must be carefully considered.  Keep in mind that either one requires a relatively significant financial outlay, which can be recouped largely by actually using the unit for power generation.

Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines