How Food Labels Lie to Us

Eating healthy is the doctor’s orders.  So you stock up on bottled juices, cereals, milk, and low salt crackers.  You think that you are doing right because the food labels scream that these are fortified with vitamins and minerals and the cereals are whole grains.  But how sure are you that these food labels aren’t lying through their glues?

Beware of Food Labels

If you have been buying the same old products of your youth, the familiar cereals, muffins, and juices, the stuff must be good though these are loaded with bad fat, salt and sugar.  At least your mom knew what she was buying for your breakfast.  These days, supermarket shelves are lined with new products convincing you that these are healthier alternatives.

Is Organic Baby Food Harmful?

No.  Organic baby food cannot harm your baby.  Vegetables, fruits, and wheat grown without the help of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, do not contain traces of these toxic substances that cannot be eliminated by the baby’s immune system.  Organic baby food is the healthiest food around for babies, and to think that babies eat more often than adults, they are exposed to the risk of ingesting pesticides.

What is Organic Food?

People who are diagnosed with cancer stumble across organic food and by this time, it might be too late.  If you start your baby on organic food and drinks, the foundation for baby’s health is solid.  Organic baby food is sourced from pesticide-free grains, vegetables and fruits.  To grow organic food, farmers use organic seeds.  These can also be purchased from local plant nurseries or ordered online.

Natural Alternatives to Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is not only poor for our health, but it also put a strain on our environment as well.  There are natural alternatives to refined sugar that will fit into your balanced diets as well as the balance of our environment!

Refined sugar is made by extracting the sucrose from the sugar cane plant.  Once that is done, they use a purification system so to speak, to get out all of the stuff that comes in the plant, such as insect parts, and fibers from the plant.  This is how white sugar is made, the same type of sugar that we put on our cereal, or in our coffee.  White sugar is the most common type of sugar that is used today.  Sugar causes weight gain in us, and it takes up a lot of energy to actually make, which is why it is not too healthy for the environment.

Purchasing Food Locally in an Eco-Friendly Way

If you have apples in your kitchen, do you have any idea how far they had to travel before you were able to buy them at the store?  In most cases apples travel more than 1500 miles before you get a hold of them.  Now that’s a lot of fuel.  Consider how much fuel is used to transport apples and other types of produce all over the country.  That’s a lot of pollution that is created by the vehicles that carry these foods.  Sure, apples are good for you, but those fumes are definitely going to start causing some problems.

Perks of Cooking with Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware has been in use since 513 BC when it was first introduced by the Chinese.  Known for its immense health benefits, cooking in cast iron utensils is making a huge comeback amongst the health conscious.  Apart from the obvious health benefits, cast iron cookware is sturdy and easy to maintain and has the ability to withstand the abuse meted out to utensils of everyday use in a busy kitchen.

These utensils are very long lasting and can be very easily seasoned and reused irrespective of its age.  So, if you find your mothers or grandmother’s cast iron utensils lying around gathering dust, don’t throw them away.  Seasoned cooks claim that food that is cooked in cast iron utensils always tastes better than the one cooked otherwise.