Seafood and the Environment

In many regions of the Earth, overfishing is a fact of life.  For some, it may even be a way of life because of many factors, the two most notable of which are ignorance and indifference of its environmental impact for the sake of survival and commerce.

No matter the reason behind overfishing, we cannot deny that we are suffering from its effects, again, in survival and economic terms.  For one thing, the economies of fishing villages have suffered because of overfishing, thus, leading to increased incidence of declining wealth and health.  For another thing, marine biodiversity is adversely and severely affected and that cannot be good for the planet we live in.

The Good News of Aquaculture

The Battle of the Breads: Brown vs White

Most people eat white bread on a regular basis.  Sure, you may have heard that wheat bread is better for you than the white bread is, but you may not have been convinced to make the switch.  Even though you know it’s better for you and the method of production is better for the earth, making the switch can be difficult.  If you’re dealing with this problem, here’s a closer look at the differences between these breads that may help you realize that making the switch is the right choice.

Enough To Make You Turn Vegetarian

In doing some research on the differences between ethanol made from corn and ethanol made from sugarcane, I came across the following sentence: “Cows are flatulent because they are fed corn, which they do not normally eat.”

That set me off on another search, to find out if this was actually true.

As Dr. Doolittle says, “I love red-blooded juicy chunks of meat.  Legs of lamb.  Sides of beef and chops and steaks and veal.  And pork of course, my favorite meal.”  But that’s before I found out how this food is “grown.”

I hadn’t devoted much thought to how livestock is raised for the dinner table, I confess, and I always thought what PETA was concerned with was the manner in which they were killed…not the manner in which they were raised.

Cooking With A Solar Oven

In the heat of summer, most people don’t want to turn on their ovens unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I know I don’t!  A lot of cooking is done with a microwave, but the air inside a microwave heats up pretty good too, and that heat escapes into the kitchen when the door is opened, as well.  This causes only a little bit of a drain on your electricity bill as your air conditioner kicks in to deal with that extra heat.  If you don’t use an air conditioner, there may be a few minutes discomfort until your fans take care of it.

One way to avoid this extra heat altogether is to make use of a solar oven.

Trans Fats and Alternatives

We’ve heard a lot of advertisements lately about how trans fats were bad for us, and how we needed to eliminate them from our diet.  As a result, trans fat elimination has become a new, national past time.  Even fast food restaurants are taking the trans fat out of their products, which is great news for those who believe that trans fats are killing our hearts.  We are being force fed information about alternatives to this bad fat, so that we can still have our food but with a heart-friendly kick.