Downshifting Life and Being Green

When the road becomes too steep, the climb too challenging, we downshift.  The engine slows and the torque is increased to improve the overall performance of the vehicle.  Green downshifting applies this same basic driving concept to life.

Our society is experiencing yet another dramatic adjustment in business, finance and lifestyle.  Everyone is looking for ways to cut back … to do more with less, or even to have less and be satisfied.  This requires reassessing priorities and returning to basics.

Get in Shape While Helping the Environment

If you like to multi-task, then getting in shape while helping the environment should be the next thing on your bucket list.  Better yet, make it a daily habit for, indeed, every little thing that we do for the environment goes a long way towards ensuring our survival on the planet we call home.

Walk the Talk

Well, if you are going to talk about doing your part in environmental conservation, you might as well walk the talk, literally.  Instead of driving your car for a few blocks, you should walk to your destinations.  You will get your exercise, save the air from more noxious fumes coming from your car and set aside the money on fuel, toll and parking fees.  Did we mention saving yourself the hassles of being stuck in traffic?

Plastic – The Material Making Us All Fat

No doubt you already know that there is a big obesity problem in this country.  What you may not know is that plastic could be one of the big problems.  Yes, it’s entirely possible that that weight gain has something to do with plastic.

The chemicals that mimic hormones have quite the rap for disrupting endocrine within your body.  Now studies are beginning to show that they may also cause problems with the metabolism in the body, and depending on how much exposure there is, it can lead to obesity as well.

Both sides On Breastfeeding – Can It be Contaminated

When it comes to breastfeeding today, many moms are beginning to wonder if there could even be contamination in breast milk.  Not sure that this is true?  Well, it’s time to take a closer look at the pros and cons of breastfeeding and whether there could be a problem with contamination.

For those who are living in countries that are developed, research has shown that all humans have a toxic burden that is quite large on the body.  This comes from being exposed to many different chemicals, which occurs in rural, urban, and suburban environments.  Of course, this is definitely alarming, but it’s even more alarming to realize that some of these chemicals do show up in the breast milk and they can be passed along to babies.

The Best Basic Symptoms & Remedies for the Flu

During the winter months, many people deal with the flu and colds.  Wondering why it is so hard to avoid dealing with these uncomfortable illnesses?  Well, many times we actually invite the flu in.  We end up skipping our exercising, we start eating bad foods, and with the holidays, often the body gets overburdened and deals with a lot of toxic buildup.  During these months we often start feeling wet, inert, cold, and dense.  Kapha can start rising, and the body can start dealing with congestion.

The body works to try to get rid of the buildup of toxins before it leads to even more problems.  So, often the flu or a cold is the way that the body works to clean itself out, although it definitely is not pleasant for you.