Trans Fats and Alternatives

We’ve heard a lot of advertisements lately about how trans fats were bad for us, and how we needed to eliminate them from our diet.  As a result, trans fat elimination has become a new, national past time.  Even fast food restaurants are taking the trans fat out of their products, which is great news for those who believe that trans fats are killing our hearts.  We are being force fed information about alternatives to this bad fat, so that we can still have our food but with a heart-friendly kick.

Help the Planet and Your Body by Exercising

You may not think there is an intimate connection between your physical health through exercise with the health of the environment.  Well, think again.  Aside from the fact that whatever you do in your daily life affects the environment simply because you live in it, you use its resources, and you throw your waste into it, you can also make it better by making your exercise tie up with taking care of the environment!

There are many ways with which you can get your daily exercise and feed your passion for the environment.  Often, it’s just a matter of getting on your feet, looking around you, and finding the things that need to be done for the environment while using moderate to intense physical activity.

Canned Food Environment Effects

Supermarkets boast of them – rows upon rows of canned products from canned apples to canned zucchini paste. It seems that we have accepted store-bought canned goods as part of modern life without giving deeper thought to their effects on the environment and to our health. Well, now is a good time to secure information on their advantages and disadvantages!


You might not realize it but canned goods have advantages beyond serving convenient functions for those times when cooking is a chore, or when you are camping, or when you are living on a budget.

Sunscreen, The Real Effects on Your Body – Protection or Poison?

Recent raised awareness of the dangers of skin cancer has also seen an equally rapid rise in the use of sunscreen. We’re warned of the dangers of exposure to the sun without adequate layers of sunscreen on exposed skin. Melanoma is a serious skin cancer and it affects tens of thousands of people each year.

To protect us against the risk of skin cancer, we’re taught to use lots of sunscreen to help block out damaging rays from the sun. So while we’re all using more and more sunscreen, the incidence of skin cancer is still rising.

Reasons to Skip Bottled Water

The bottled water consumed by people worldwide has increased so much in the last several years; it generates billions of dollars a year in the U.S. alone. The craze of drinking bottled water for the dietary benefits as well as the taste have had an effect on the amount of water that people purchase.

The years between 1997 and 2005 have seen the amount of water being consumed more than double nationwide. When facing the facts about the amount of plastic this puts into the landfills and waste centers we are slowly taking over our planet with trash.