How to Make Your Own Birth Journal

Creating a birth journal is personal and meaningful. More than a photo album, a birth journal will prepare you for and document one of the most important and personal events of your life. Here is how to make your own special journal.

1. Make it personal. Choose a 3-ring binder with paper of your choice, a scrap book, photo album, or simply a notebook – whatever reflects your personality and feels comfortable to you.

2. Before your baby’s birth, write your dreams and aspirations in the birth journal. Also include specific plans for the upcoming birth – when you are in labor, it is not easy to think straight and remember all those details that make up your ideal birth plan. Be specific, such as:

How to Introduce Your Children to Organic Gardening

Children have a natural fascination with growing things. You can foster that natural interest by introducing them to organic gardening. Here are some ideas for participating with your kids in the organic garden.

1. Start small, and maybe even indoors. Sprout alfalfa seeds, chives, or other easy-growers in the window sill.

2. Consider container gardening for your child’s first outdoor organic garden. Container gardening is very flexible, and lends itself easily to organic methods. Tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and other vegetables can be grown in containers. Many flowers and herbs do well in pots as well. Because the plants are contained, problems like insects and weeds are easier to manage by organic means.

How Art Therapy Can Be Used to Combat Postnatal Depression

As an augmentation or addition to conventional therapy and treatment, art therapy can have benefits for mothers who are suffering from postnatal (also called postpartum) depression. Here is how art therapy can help this sometimes very debilitating problem.

1. Remember it is not about talent. The therapist will guide you in the art project, although the feelings you express and how you express them are up to you. If you are seeking art therapy to help treat postnatal depression, you can relieve yourself of the notion of impressing people with your artwork. This is therapy, not an art gallery!

2. Creative arts do not have to mean painting and drawing. Dance, ceramics and sculpture can be part of art therapy too. Choose something that fits you and that you enjoy doing.