New Green Home Conservation Ideas via Eco-Friendly NASA Space Program

You may ask why spend on space programs under the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) when there are so many problems besetting us on Earth.  After all, research on space will not benefit quality of life for humankind precisely because we lead our lives on the terra firma, not in the heavens.

Well, your doubts are valid on many points.  However, all your doubts will be erased once your realize that the NASA space programs have generated many spin-offs in technologies that have benefited and continues to benefit all of humankind especially in terms of improving our quality of life on Earth.  As a matter of fact, it can be hard finding an area of human life that has not benefited from said NASA technology spin-offs.

The Green Solutions to Keeping Electronics Out of the Trash

There are a number of “Green” solutions to keeping electronics out of the trash.  Most of us will eventually come to a point in which we have some electronic device that no longer works, and must be replaced.  In many cases, our device may simply become outdated and we will need to upgrade to a newer type of device.  When it comes to the proper disposal techniques associated with technology devices that have been outdated, malfunctioned, or are completely inoperable, many of us will find ourselves perplexed at how to properly dispose of the products.  In this helpful and informative guide, you will be introduced to the “Green” solutions for keeping all of those electronic devices out of the trash!

5 Easy Ways To Recycle Your Old Gadgets

Nowadays, we face a dilemma between our greed for electronics and our need to protect the Earth.  On one hand, we have to possess the latest in information and communication technology in order to be part of the goings-on in the world.  On the other hand, we have to throw away the obsolete consumer electronics we possess and, hence, become part of the destruction of the world.

So, what should you, a budding environmentalist, to do?  Well, you can recycle your old gadgets, of course!  And doing so is so easy that you can teach others to do the same, thus, perpetuating the good cycle of environmental conservation.  And did we mention that you can also earn money from recycling your old gadgets?

Can Electronic Files Save the Planet?

If you were, or are, a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, you may have seen an episode where Captain Picard is relaxing in his quarters, reading a book printed on paper!  Well, he likes antiques.  But for everybody else on board the starship, they read their books on the computer mainframe, or even on hand-held devices, so that the starship could carry millions upon millions of books, with not a single tree having been cut down to provide the paper on which to prevent them.

We’re at that point now.  Amazon, for example, has introduced the Kindle, an electronic book reader that can store 1,500 books in its innards.  That’s a pretty decent sized library!

Make Your Computer Use Earth Friendly

Computers have changed the very world we live in. In fact, can you even imagine life anymore without the benefit of the internet and computers? In many ways, the computer is helping to preserve the environment by allowing more people to work from home and allowing many industries to manage outside equipment from a computer instead of driving to the field to do it by hand. Yet with all this, there is stillroom for improvement.
In addition to the amount of energy a computer and its peripheral devices consume there is also a matter of the immense amount of plastic and metal used to create the millions of computers that hit the shelves every year.