10 Great Reasons to Get an Electric Car

Admittedly, many of us will continue to use conventional cars even with the increasing popularity of electric cars.  In a way, this is not such a big deal considering that there are ways to lessen the environmental pollution that comes with using a fuel-powered car, not to mention that getting an electric car to replace your old but still functioning car is still an expensive proposition.

However, if you are in the market for a new vehicle, then consider these ten practical reasons to go electric over an electric car.

Lesser Service Costs

Since the parts are fewer in an electric car, there are fewer things to fix, too.  As such, you can drastically reduce your trips to the mechanic and, hence, significantly lower your service bills.  Your wallets will be fatter, too.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose an Electric Hybrid Over a Natural Gas Powered Vehicle

High prices at the gas pump, along with an increasing awareness of environmental concerns, have led people to develop alternative energy sources to power automobiles.  Two of the biggest contenders are natural gas and electricity.  While both are more cost effective and environmentally friendly than the current gas being used, the clear winner in the battle for green energy for cars is electricity.  Here are the top ten reasons to choose a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) over a natural gas-powered vehicle (NGV).

1. Natural gas is a finite resource, while electricity can be easily generated from renewable sources as well as finite resources.  Implementing a plan to use natural gas to power vehicles would be a short-term fix, while using electricity provides the option of long-term sustainability.

Travelling the Green Highway

If you’re going to be taking a trip across this beautiful country of ours, there are several things you can do to make your travel as green as possible.

The first thing to do is take your car in for a thorough inspection, to make sure it will be able to safely make the trip you want to make. Have the oil changed, all fluids topped off, and so on.  Don’t just look at your tires with a critical eye and decide that they’re fine – check them with a tire gauge and be absolutely sure.  And if they’re the least bit under inflated, top them off as well.

Quite simply, under inflated tires waste gasoline.  And by extension, money.

Car Pooling

Driving to work has a lot of benefits.  Sure, some will begrudge their trek due to the congestion and distance.  However, driving to work can be a great opportunity for listening to an audio book, looking the local scenery, and helping the environment.

Helping the environment?  Don’t cars burn fuel and send emissions into the air?  Yes, they do and if you car pool to work you will dramatically cut down the impact that vehicles have on the environment.

Car pooling is a relatively simple process.  Instead of driving to work individually, a group of people who work together and live close to one another will drive to work in a single car.  Each member chips in for gas and makes sure to punctually pick everyone at agreed an agreed upon time and location.  Yes, it is that simple! And it certainly helps the environment….

Neutral Carbon Automobiles

This is a new concept that car manufacturers have come up with to help offset the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted by the cars it sells.  A number of trees are planted for each car to help offset the CO2 that contributes to the greenhouse gas effect.  The only problem is that this is not a quick fix.  And how does one calculate how many trees need to be grown to really offset the amount of CO2?  And seeing how we are already behind how do we catch up and get ahead of the greenhouse gas effect?