Cooking With A Solar Oven

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In the heat of summer, most people don’t want to turn on their ovens unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I know I don’t!  A lot of cooking is done with a microwave, but the air inside a microwave heats up pretty good too, and that heat escapes into the kitchen when the door is opened, as well.  This causes only a little bit of a drain on your electricity bill as your air conditioner kicks in to deal with that extra heat.  If you don’t use an air conditioner, there may be a few minutes discomfort until your fans take care of it.

One way to avoid this extra heat altogether is to make use of a solar oven.

While a solar oven can’t cook things to a precise temperature, there are many uses for such an oven.  On those hot days when it’s roasting outside, you can use this oven to heat your soup, your coffee, or warm up cold foods.

In addition, if you’re going camping, a solar oven makes a great tool.

So what is a solar oven, you’re asking yourself.

It’s simply a box of some kind, lined with tin foil or other material, insulated on the outside to keep the heat inside, which sits out in a strategic position in your backyard, where it will get the most sun.  Ever gotten into a car – especially a black one – after it’s been sitting in the sun for a few hours.  It’s extremely hot, isn’t it?  The same principle holds for a solar oven.

You can make your own solar oven, using a large cardboard box.  You simply acquire four large insulated boards, and cut them to fit the box.  You glue tinfoil on the insides, and paint the outsides black.  Cut a whole into another piece of cardboard, which you’ll use as the cover.  You’ll place a piece of plastic in this hole, so that you can look into the oven and see how the food is coming along.

For detailed instructions on how to make an oven yourself, check out:

Or, if you don’t feel like going to all that bother, you can buy solar ovens commercially.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I read a similar article years ago in “Mother Earth News”, misplaced the magazine and every so often I try to find a back issue. I happened on this article this morning and you just made my day!

  2. Michaele Maurer says:

    Just for warming foods and heating coffee? Maybe a homemade cardboard/foil/black paint oven. If you are willing to invest in a well-designed solar oven, you can roast meat, bake bread, and make all manner of stews and casseroles. I live next to a hill, so even on the longest day of the year I’m in the shade by 5 pm. But I can have a sun-cooked dinner if I get it in the oven by noon. I bought my oven from and am very happy with it. (Disclaimer: I *don’t* work for them.)

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