Don’t Use a Golf Cart, Carry your Clubs

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Eco traveling is one of the major trends that have characterized in 2008, and will be even bigger in this year. Carrying things in an eco-friendly way begins to be quite popular. Doing so doesn’t only help reduce your carbon footprint, it makes a statement. For instance, if you are keen on playing golf, try and stop using a cart and try carrying your own clubs. You can reduce your carbon footprint and play an important role by limiting the constant pollution of our environment. Fuel powered devices are among the biggest enemies when it comes to polluting the environment. Devices such as golf carts should only be used if completely necessary.

A simple thing such as carrying your clubs can have a strong impact on the air you and your loved ones breathe. Regular carts are likely to be too “expensive” when it comes to the fuel they need in order to carry your clubs around. By using your own resources, you avoid using fuel based devices. Gold carts use conventional fuels and this means that regular combustion will release chemicals and other powerful pollutants straight into the air you breathe. By polluting the environment on a constant basis, you will put your overall health in jeopardy. Carry your clubs and make a green statement.

You can be eco-friendly just by carrying your golf clubs by yourself and without using a fuel powered device. The environment is changed each time you are using a caddy. Such devices are not designed in order to be eco-friendly. On the contrary, they use too much fuel and release too much pollution in the air. Switching to carrying your golf clubs all by yourself is a reliable manner of saying NO to pollution. Carrying your clubs not only helps the environment and saves you money, it’s also a great way to get exercise. Laziness greatly attributes to carbon emissions.

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  1. Turchi says:

    Great work. I am going to have to try alot of these tips from this site as soon as the weather gets better.

  2. I agree that golf carts are burning energy that should be reduced and the answer is perhaps a solar powered golf cart which would have a very low carbon footprint

  3. The Cart Guy says:

    Great blog and website overall! For almost a year now, my friends and I always carry our clubs. We did it initially for the green value, but quickly started to notice the physical and healthy benefits it had!
    Now, if only I could convince my clients to start walking too!!

  4. I think there are bigger problems with golf than the carts. Golf courses are huge wasters of water and most require massive doses of pesticides – and are often exempt from laws that forbid cosmetic use of pesticides. We published an article in Natural Life magazine awhile back on this topic:

  5. Wayne says:

    I’m always searching and researching to find great info for improving my readers golf game I have enjoyed your site and feel it is a great resource for good information
    Thank You

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