Easy Steps to Make your Own Handmade Paper at Home

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Recycle Crafts – Homemade Paper

It is also extra special to send out a letter that is handwritten and beautiful stationary makes it even more special.  It can definitely be a lot of fun visiting a store that offers a variety of different stationary options with various designs, textures, and colors.  There are so many different beautiful options that you can choose from.

Of course, instead of purchasing your stationary paper, a greener option is to make your own paper.  You can actually make your own paper – it’s an art.  This allows you to use up all kinds of papers, so you are recycling that paper instead of just throwing it away.  It also allows you to create some art that you can use up or you can even put together some of it and give it away to a friend or family member as an extra special gift.

When you are just starting out, the paper may come up a bit on the thick side.  Of course, with some practice, you’ll get better and better at making this paper.  It is a great thing that you can do with your kids as well.  It’s a wonderful way to spend a rainy day or you can even work on it outside.  Of course, you will need to do some prep, so here is a look at the directions on how you can make your own handmade paper for stationary and other uses.

The Materials You Need to Have

1 – First of all, you’ll need a lot of old paper.  Copy paper that has been used makes great pulp, and you can use paper that is shiny to accent it decoratively.
2 – You’ll need a couple of picture frames that are 5×7.  You need to make sure that they have flat edges on them and if you don’t have the frames, wood can be used instead.
3 – You’ll need a screen that is fiberglass or plastic.
4 – A couple dishpans
5 – Quality blender
6 – Various items for decoration, such as spices, dryer lint, herbs, dried flowers, potpourri, and more.
7 – Tacks or a staple gun
8 – Sponges
9 – Dish towels that are disposable
10 – Newspaper stacks for drying the sheets of paper.

Getting Prepared

1 – You need to create the deckle and mold.  Take out the glass from the frames.  To make your mold, take the screen and stretch it tightly across a frame and use the staple gun to get it attached to the frame back.  This can be made out of wood as well.  The other frame will be the deckle, which will set the size of your paper as you make it.
2 – Preparing the paper.  On the night before you plan on making this paper, sort it out by color and type.  Rip up all the paper into pieces that are about one square inch.  Then soak this paper in basins that are full of water.

Making Paper Pulp

1 – Take a handful of the paper that has been soaked.  Put it into your blender and add enough water until you have the blender about & frac34; full.  Blend it together until the paper becomes the consistency of oatmeal.  If you are straining the motor, you can add some water to thin it out a bit.  Do this about four times.
2 – Take the pulp and pour it into a dishpan.  Take your hands and swirl it all around.  This mix should be about 90% liquid.  If you have to, add in some more warm water.
3 – To make sure that ink won’t bleed, take a gelatin pack and dissolve it in hot water.  Then put it into your mixture of pulp.
4 – If you are using colored paper for accents, blend the paper that has been soaked for about 10 seconds and then add basic pulp to it.  You can also add in the other items for decoration.

Making the Paper

1 – Stir the pulp.  Then hold the mold with the screen up.  Put the deckle on the mold upside down.
2 – Lower your mold and deckle into the dishpan.
3 – Bring this into a position that is horizontal under your pulp.  Then bring them up, allowing the pulp to totally cover your screen.
4 – Only use a small amount of pulp to avoid making paper too thick.  Drain off water.

Drying Your Paper

You need to have some space so the paper can dry overnight.  Put down some dish towels on top of some newspaper.  Take the deckle off and then turn over the mold.  Pat the back of the screen with the sponge and get the water up until the paper starts coming away from the screen.  Let them dry over night.

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