Easy Ways to Green Your Heating This Winter

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Winter is coming and with it the high heating bills not to mention the amount of gases that are sent into the air we breathe.  The winter season does not have to be spent wrapped in a blanket or thermal wear and turning the heat full blast.  There are many simple ways you can stay warm and keep the air you breathe cleaner.

One of the simplest ways most people do not even think of when they are considering the cold winds blowing is their windows.  The windows are one source of cold air that adds to the work your heating system is doing when it is struggling to keep the temperature at the setting you have chosen.

If you do not have storm windows or cannot afford them right now, the next best alternative is to get plastic insulation.  It is clear so you can still see out your windows.  The type that can be fitted by heating is a good alternative to letting the windows add to the cold air in the room.  You will be surprised just how much of a difference this can make in your home.

Another way that is often overlooked and will work for both heat and air is the ceiling fan.  They are not as expensive as they once were and one with a low setting that turns slowly can spread the heat or air.  Everyone knows heat goes up so what better way to push it back down to where you are than to put up an inexpensive ceiling fan and enjoy the warmth.

Solar power is one source of energy that many people are finding is a great alternative to electrical power.  There are many solar appliances becoming more commonplace today.  For instance, there are many solar hot water heaters in use.  This is an excellent way of heating your water.  Solar panels are being installed in roofs to capture the warmth of the sun and distribute it to many different household uses.  Much of the recent news about solar power is concerned with using it to actually generate electricity to save on your utility bills.

Here is another way of saving on heating bills as well as energy.  The rooms that you do not use do not need to be as warm as the ones you are spending your time in.  Besides which the rooms you are in until time to retire will be warmer just by having more people in them.  Everyone generates body heat and if there are several people in one room the temperature will go up by more than you would think possible.  By keeping doors closed and confining activities to certain areas of the house you will be using less energy and utilizing something you already have.  This can also be a way to save energy when you are not home.

By turning the thermostat down to a cooler setting, you are saving energy that would just be wasted when the house is empty.  Many people use timed thermostats for this purpose – turning the heat on/up just before rising in the morning, before everyone is due to be home, and this can also be used for turning the hot water tank on and off.

Get the whole family involved.  Sit down together and make a list of everyone’s suggestions when it comes to saving energy and making the air we breathe cleaner.  You might be surprised at some of the ideas your family will come up with.

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