Eco-friendly Easter! – Complete Report

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Easter is coming up fast.  April 4 will be here soon enough.  If you celebrate this holiday, but you’re also concerned about the environment, you may be facing a dilemma.  After all, like most major holidays, Easter has been heavily commercialized, and the traditional activities require a lot of spending and create a lot of garbage, plus there seems to be an awful lot of sugar and artificial coloring around.

That’s bad news for anyone wanting to contribute less to the waste stream.  Having an Easter without these things can look difficult, if you just look at what’s available in ordinary stores.  So, what can you do to cut down your impact on the environment without telling the kids they’re going to have to give up Easter this year?  Let’s take a look at some of your options for an eco-friendly Easter celebration that’ll still be lots of fun, but won’t break the budget.

Why Choose An Eco-Friendly Easter

Easter can produce a lot of waste, and have a bigger impact on the world around us than it might seem at first glance.  However, the basic components of an Easter celebration don’t have to be ecologically problematic.  You can paint eggs, give treats, have an egg hunt, and enjoy yourselves without recourse to prepackaged, mass produced toys, candy, and kits.  The standard pre-made gift baskets usually have a high percentage of candy that kids don’t really like, and they produce a whole lot of waste.  The same goes for Easter themed toys and other goodies.

If you’re ready to give up shopping for Easter goodies at the big box stores, drug stores and dollar shops, there are plenty of environmentally responsible methods you can use to make great decorations and produce a fun easter basket the kids will love.  Most of them are wallet-friendly, so you don’t have to feel like being eco-friendly is for the rich, and they’re also a lot healthier than the old fallbacks.

Easter Eggs – Where To Get Them

Dyeing, hiding, and finding eggs is one of the big parts of Easter fun for many families, and there are plenty of easy ways to do with without waste or resorting to chemical heavy dye kits.  You can get just as many fun colors out of items you already have around your home, and they won’t affect the taste of the eggs at all.  All these items are cheap and easy to get, can be made into dye safely, and don’t have any unpleasant side effects.  Just use ingredients you already have in the fridge or the cabinets.

Choose free range, humane certified, or organic eggs to make sure that you’re supporting sustainable farming practices and humane treatment of animals.  They should be free of anti-biotics and hormone treatment.  Vegetarian diet eggs may be desirable, too.  Chickens aren’t vegetarians naturally, but this certification guarantees that the feed they’re receiving doesn’t contain the remains of other chickens in the form of “animal meal” and similar animal byproducts.  Since the conditions most supermarket eggs are produced in are not only inhumane, but creat enormous amounts of waste that often spills into water sources, supporting a more sustainable method is really the best choice.

If you purchase from a local farmer, you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive these high quality eggs can be.  Local farmers may offer sustainably produced eggs for half what they’d cost in the supermarket – if your supermarket offers these eggs at all.  Take a look around to see what you can find.  As an added bonus, almost everyone who’s tried a humanely raised egg says the same thing – they just taste better than the kinds of eggs you can get from battery chickens.  You’ll see a thicker shell and a richer yolk in these higher quality eggs, and they have a lot more of the helpful vitamins and nutrients that come from eggs.

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