Eco-friendly Easter! – Complete Report

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Some people give live baby rabbits, chicks, or ducklings at Easter time.  This may be a cute practice, but it’s one you should stop if you’ve ever done it.  Unless you’re interested in adopting these animals for life and giving the kind of care and home they need, you’re contributing to the problem of homeless animals.  Since many shelters are already full to capacity, and the environment is full of feral animals, this is a real problem.

After Easter, rescues and shelters are full of unwanted rabbits and other animals, and still others are released into the wild.  These creatures don’t have the instincts or experience to survive, so they’re quickly killed by cars or predators.  If you must give a rabbit this year, make sure it’s a cuddly stuffed bunny, not a live one.  Spread the word to people you know that live pets are a no-go, too.  Your local shelters, and the pets that don’t get abandoned, will thank you.

Still want the kids to experience the fun of chicks and bunnies for Easter?  You can do it without treating an animal like a disposable commodity.  If you live in an area where there’s a petting zoo or a farm open to the public, chances are that they’re going to have an Easter event.  Your local church may also have an egg hunt and events where animals will be present.  Kids can take a look at them, hold them (gently and with care) and get all the fun of interacting with these animals without contributing to the problem.

If you’d really like to add a pet rabbit, duck, or chicken to your household, wait a little while to do it.  After Easter, you and the kids will be able to select from the many animals which were abandoned by others after the holiday was over.  Giving these creatures a loving home is a wonderful thing to do, and a good way to get a great pet.  Check local rescues or humane shelters, or use an online service such as to let you know which animals are available in your area.

Be Creative!

The most important part of having any holiday is thinking outside of the box is to be a little bit greener.  If you’re willing to use your creativity and take a second look at items you already have around your home, chances are that you’re on your way to a better, more ecologically friendly Easter.  This approach works for any holiday, or even day to day life.  If you take the time to think carefully about your actions and their potential impact instead of going with the flow, you’ll cause a lot less damage to the environment and the world around you.  Plus, you’ll be helping teach your children the benefit of treating their world with respect.  That’s one of the best Easter gifts you could give!

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