Eco-Friendly Food & Gift – Holiday Ideas

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Giving out corporate gifts during the holiday season can be a challenge to the people responsible for thinking up of new ways to present said gifts.  After all, strict specifications must be satisfied in terms of tasteful presentation fitting corporate image, easy delivery to recipients, reasonable prices fitting into the available budget, appropriateness for all recipients, and most importantly, eco-friendliness! Yes, indeed, it is a tall order.  Or is it?  Actually, you can tap into many eco-friendly foods gift ideas that will satisfy all the above mentioned criteria.

Start with the Wrapper

As cliché as it sounds, gift presentation is as important as the gift itself.  Thus, you will find gift-givers wrapping their gifts in elaborate ribbons and attractive paper hoping that it will make for a pretty sight, build up the suspense of opening it, and make the gift inside seem more valuable than it really is.  However, all these ribbons and paper can pile up on the trash can and on the landfills.  Fortunately, you have an option in eco-friendly reusable wooden boxes from manufacturers like Maple Ridge farms.  These boxes are made of basswood, which is grown in sustainable tree forests in the United States, thus, making for eco-friendly gift presentation.

The fact that you can have a personalized artwork on the boxes is a welcome bonus.  At the very least, you can put your company across without attaching paper cards on the gift boxes.  And did we mention that personalizing your gift boxes come at no extra cost?  Your boss will love it that you have managed to stay within the budget even with such high personalization of corporate gift boxes.

End with the Contents

Of course, the gift contents are also as important as the gift boxes themselves.  You want to carry on the eco-friendly bent such that there is continuity from the box to the gift.  This is possible with the organic nuts and candies, which are cultivated and manufactured using eco-friendly methods.

You will never go wrong with the taste either.  The nuts and candies really stand out, on a gourmet level that everyone will love year in and year out.  You can choose from a wide variety of choices, too – California pistachio, gourmet mints, white chocolate pretzels, chocolate almonds, English toffee, and mixed nuts.  As such, you can provide these gifts every year without inducing boredom by simply changing the contents of your gift, say, California pistachio this year and then chocolate almonds next year.

And did we mention that by giving these gifts you are also contributing to the improved health of your recipients and, consequently, the environment?  Keep in mind that nuts and seeds contain vitamins and minerals while chocolate provide for antioxidants, all of which are good for the body in moderate quantities.

When one is healthier, one is less of a burden on the health care system of the country.  Keep in mind that hospitals and clinics, despite their noble intentions of keeping human beings healthy, are not exactly the best contributors to the health of the environment, thanks to their toxic wastes.

This holiday season, you can impress your gift recipients with your concern for the environment and impeccable taste in gourmet nuts and candies.

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  1. Karen says:

    Also — use an eco-friendly florist! Gifts that are delivered in a green manner are particularly important around this time of year when deliveries peak! Sustainably sourced Christmas trees are also good 🙂

  2. We hand deliver our sustainable Christmas trees in the most carbon efficient route possible, using a unique route making application!

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