Eco-Friendly Home Economics for the Working Class

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Not long ago I was talking to someone about going green and they actually told me that they had gone through 30 different tubes of caulking.  They used it to plug the gaps and holes that were through their home.  They put the caulking around the cracks, around doors, windows, and more.  While I’m not sure how the job was that they did, since they used quite a bit of caulking, more than likely using the 30 tubes of the caulking actually do quite a bit of good.  No doubt it helped them keep the home comfortable while saving money by increasing the energy efficiency of the home.

There have been times when I’ve been working on homes that had huge leakage areas.  After having energy audits done it came out to several meters or area that were leaking, which is just as bad as having a huge window that is always open, even during the winter months.  More than likely you wouldn’t keep your windows open in the winter months, but many homeowners accidentally do things that are almost as bad because they have a lot of leakage areas.

For a nice tube of caulking, you’ll only pay about $6, although you can get the cheaper options for only $3 or so for each tube.  However, it’s usually best to go with the higher quality options because they’ll do a better job.  More than likely the person who used 30 tubes of the caulking only ended up paying about $200 and it didn’t take much more than a couple days.  More than likely in one season, the savings he got on energy paid back the money spent.  If you want to save money, you need to realize that doing energy efficiency projects are just as much an investment as your mutual fund and other investments.

Several years ago, one of my friends decided to reinsulate his entire home on the inside.  It took him over a year.  It was an older bungalow, so it didn’t have much insulation in the first place.  He went room by room and took down all the drywall, totally reframed the walls, and he put in all new insulation.  Then he put up all new drywall and painted everything.  It was a big job, it required a lot of time, and it disrupted the home.  However, in the long run, he increased the home value by thousands of dollars and also really improved his savings on energy as well.

Not only should we be working to make our homes even more comfortable for the future, but we need to invest in energy efficient projects that will also help us to save some money.  This will help us to improve home value and will also provide savings in taxes as well.  There are many simple tasks you can do at home that can improve the energy efficiency, save you money in the long run, and even improve the value of your home.

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