Eco-Friendly Training for a Greener Future

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Nowadays, green collar jobs are gaining popularity in many sectors.  On one hand, you have the government officials who firmly believe that green jobs will provide the much-needed stimulus to put our nation’s economy back on track, thanks to the creation of new jobs and new business opportunities.  On the other hand, you have the environmentalists who appreciate the new awareness that society in general has acquired in relation to the imperative and immediate need for renewable sources of energy.

Such an interest in going green will benefit the ordinary folks looking for jobs to fill up the employment gaps left by the recession.  However, it must be noted that competition for green jobs is very intense especially as specialized training is necessary to secure a lucrative slot in the field.

Benefits of Getting Green Training

The most important benefit of securing a green training is that you have an advantage over other applicants for the green jobs.  After all, you have specialized training that makes for lesser in-house training time and costs.

However, do keep in mind that it is not only your green training that is important in getting hired within the green industry.  You must have the right qualifications, the right skills and the right attitude for the job, with transferable skills from your previous jobs also an advantage.

When you are hired in the green industry, you will be able to put back the greens into your pockets and bank account.  If things go as planned, there will be hundreds of thousands of green jobs to be created in the next few years.

You will also enjoy benefits like the ability to apply your learning to your own home.  Often, there will be no need to hire a solar panel installer simply because you already know the basics.  The more people who know about the benefits of going green, starting with you, the more we can make life on Earth better.

Places to Get Your Green Training

So, where exactly do you get your green training so as to enjoy the above mentioned benefits?  Well, there are many sources, of which the following are the most popular:

Online Directories and Sites

Yes, there online schools offering green training for all types of professionals from carpenters to engineers.  Just choose which one best suit your purposes, time and tuition money and you will be set for a career in the green industry.

Community Colleges

You can ask local education authorities and community schools for green training programs available in your area.

Federal and State Websites

The federal and state governments are now offering green training to qualified applicants, which is inline with their stimulus programs for jobs generation and environmental protection.

Green Companies

You may also ask local companies that are going green for in-house training and apprenticeship programs.  Usually, you may also be provided with appropriate training once you are hired by the company.

Green training can include courses on the design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems ranging from a weekend certification course to a two-year associate degree as well as a four-year degree programs.  Again, choose which one suits your career goals, time limits and budgetary allocations.

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