Go Green and Avoid Using Plastic Bags When Shopping

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If saving the planet is important to you, then one of the ways that you can go green is to stop using those plastic bags when you go shopping.  Of course, you may be tired of using those plain old bags at the market, which is why designer canvas totes and market bags have become so popular.  Now you are able to look good while you work on saving the environment.

More than Going Green

These reusable bags are about a lot more than going green these days.  In fact, you simply need to talk to a French woman and you’ll find out that these bags aren’t just a necessity for saving the environment, but they are now considered fashion accessories as well.  With the green crowd, these market bags and tots are a really hot option.  There are more and more people who are starting to take bags of their own when they go shopping, and most major stores now have their own “green bags” available for sale to customers.

Of course, today the crafters out there are getting out there in to the market for market totes and bags.  They are a hot item and many crafters are taking canvas tote bags for shopping and really dressing them up.  This way, consumers have the ability to go green in style when they go out shopping.

Designer Trends

Now these bags are becoming a designer trend.  Laura Bush, and activist and a model is selling her own bags on the web.  These bags are beneficial to you and they also benefit charitable programs as well.  Many of the top designers out there are getting in on this trend and creating designer fashion bags for the market that people can purchase and carry with them to the store.  No doubt these designer bags for shopping are only going to become more popular.

A Look Around the World

As you look around the world, there are more and more countries that are starting to turn away from plastic bags and go to a more environmentally friendly option.  China is one country that has done this.  They have totally banned the use of plastic bags, which has definitely increased the market for canvas tots and market bags.  China used to use more plastic bags than America, and now they are no longer doing this, helping to save the environment.

Even just a small cheap reusable bag you can purchase at the market can hold the amount that 3-4 plastic bags could hold.  So, if you can’t afford to go with a designer option right now, even purchasing a cheap bag can help you to work on saving the environment.  Wondering why these bags haven’t been outlawed in the United States? Well, if you’d like to see this happen, consider talking to your local congressional representative and telling them you’d like to see this happen in the United States.  When many people use their voice, changes can be made.

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