Going Green for a Healthier Pregnancy

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Going green is more about incorporating healthier eco friendly changes in your life, making it a lifestyle choice.  So what is going green?  Going green can be called a conscious effort that an individual can make to negate the harmful impact of one’s actions on the environment by cutting out wastage and switching to a natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Taking an initiative to go green during pregnancy is an excellent way of bringing your new born into this world where you know you have made an effort to cut out the chemicals and harmful substances that can affect your future generations.  A parent must always bear in mind that children look up to their parents for guidance, support and direction.  What we do today our children are bound to follow tomorrow.  Keeping that in mind, by adopting a green lifestyle before you bring your baby into this world will ensure your contribution towards a healthier you, a healthy baby, and a greener world.

Switching to organic food is the best way to start your green journey.  Organic foods are grown without the use of any synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, making them absolutely safe for consumption. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown in natural environments without the use of chemicals and pesticides.  The water that is used to grow them is pure and is free from sewage waste, impure radiated waste, and organisms which too contain harmful chemicals.

At times it becomes difficult to cut out entirely on animal protein during pregnancy.  The best way to consume animal protein while pregnant would be to avoid meats of cloned animals or animals that have been put on growth hormones, antibiotics or some other growth inducing drugs.

Organic foods are said to be higher in their nutritional value, have anti oxidants that fight cancer and are higher in vitamins and mineral content.  Organic foods boost immunity and fight concerns such as developmental and growth delays amongst children as these foods are free of chemicals and pesticides.

Apart from incorporating a healthy organic diet during your pregnancy, another way of going green is by becoming a little more environmentally friendly.  Environmental friendliness doesn’t just restrict itself to recycling.  There are a number of things that one can do while pregnant to further this green initiative.  One such way to go green is to plant a small herb garden.  It can be a small patch in your garden or a large pot where you can grow your favorite herbs.  If you have the option of growing vegetables then jump at the opportunity.

Squatting while gardening will automatically prepare your muscles for pregnancy and will give you the strength that you require during labor and delivery.  Make your own compost heap or worm pile and use it as a fertilizer.  This is an excellent way of letting nature grow your garden and keeping yourself free from harmful substances.

What you must also do to have a healthier green pregnancy is to read food and personal care labels.  Avoid unfamiliar ingredients or substances such as hair dyes or hair sprays that can contain chemicals which can be harmful for the baby if it gets into your blood stream.  Use eco friendly cleaners and detergents after reading the labels and make a difference in your life and in the life of the baby to arrive.

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  1. Angel says:

    This is a very good article. :o)

  2. While pregnant, the woman’s body protects the developing baby. Everything she ingests crosses the placenta and goes to the baby. The healthier her pregnancy is, the healthier her baby will be, the better developed her baby will be and the less likely it will be her baby has a birth defect. There are many things you can do to have a healthy pregnancy.

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