Green Gadgets for 2009

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What better way to welcome the New Year than providing yourself with the latest revolutionary gadgets, and becoming greener too? The easiest way to begin making your home greener is by purchasing eco friendly lights. Another way you can make your home greener is by investing in biodegradable food containers and recycled paper in order to add an eco touch to your personal space. The renewable energy and efficiency are among the most important issues when it comes reducing our carbon footprint on our beautiful planet. If you are keen on using the latest electronics and gadgets, choose green technology to make sure that little to no energy will be wasted. Let’s take a closer look at the latest eco friendly offerings in order to make the most educated decision when it comes to investing in green gadgets.

Purchasing an eco friendly gadget can be a great investment for many reasons. By investing in green, you help the environment in more ways than one. Reducing carbon emissions from the manufacturing process is a battle that more and more consumer are fighting in every day. Thinking about your environment should become one of your top priorities, especially now. Purchasing green gadgets is as great way of reducing the use of limited resources. The latest trade shows have already proven the growing interest when it comes to using eco friendly gadgets.

Check out the Iqua SUN Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset. This gadget will allow your cell to be powered up with the direct sun rays. The Iqua Solar-Powered Headset weights 14 grams and it easy to use and handle. You can easily fit it right in your ear without the need of a hook. The manual claims that Iqua SUN Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset lasts for 200 hours standby time, or 9 hours of talk time in complete darkness. This green gadget is compatible with plenty of Bluetooth gadgets. LCD HDTVs are another example of a green gadget that was designed in order to use less energy. Even the performance of the TV sets will be boosted and you will not have to pay high electricity bills for it. Old TVs weight more, cost more to fix, and are dead technologies for a reason. You can save money and watch a better picture by investing in LCD TVs, and the prices are cheaper than ever.

You can find certain laptops made with Corn-Based Cases. This is another gadget that can make the difference for your environment. Fujitsu is the company that has made constant waves by displaying such gadgets at each trade show they attend. And we should not forget about the Green Plug’s “Intelligent” Chargers because these chargers are designed in order to communicate with each of your home gadgets. This gadget provides the intelligent power supplies and the energy conversion and transmission will be optimized. The ZPower’s Silver-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries has a capacity of 20-30 percent higher than lithium-ion batteries and it can provide fewer risks when it comes to water contamination or damage.

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