Green Mother’s Day Gifts

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In the United States and in many other countries that has adopted the modern-day tradition, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.  It is a very popular tradition filled with flowers, greeting cards and gifts, which business research has shown to amount to approximately US $5 billion annually.

No matter how you look at it, Mother’s Day can leave carbon footprints on the environment from the flowers harvested to the electronic gifts manufactured.  You can, however, make your Mother’s Day gifts more Eco-friendly with these green gift ideas.

Fun Activities

Your mother’s personality will determine the fun green gifts you can give her on her special day.  These are usually gifts that involve providing for fun, free, and friendly activities at little strain to your pockets.

For example, if your mother is a nature lover, you can schedule a hike through the national park, a picnic in the backyard garden, an evening stargazing with good food and good wine in the side, or even just a simple swim in her favorite lake.

If your mother is the gourmand type, then you can always cook organic recipes and attend organic cooking demonstrations with her. On the other hand, if your mother wants to do something green for others, memberships in green organizations will be a great gift.

When you are at a loss as to the appropriate gift for your mother, or you have run out of ideas, then gift certificates to green stores ought to do the trick.  You can access the Internet for this purpose although you can also look for brick-and-mortar stores in your area.  These gift cards can range from shopping for household items to being pampered with spa treatments, all of which are enjoyable activities for most mothers.

Green Gifts

There are many green gifts to choose from to make your mom happy on Mother’s Day without straining the environment.  You have choices like:

• Jewelry made from recyclable and recycled materials like shells and hemp.  Or you can always look for vintage jewelry that has been passed on for generations, which can lessen the need for new jewelry and, hence, more extraction from the Earth.  Every little helps!

• Fair trade personal accessories and household items that she will love to own.  You are saving the environment while helping an individual in a developed country, which is definitely a cool way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

• Organic cosmetics and perfumes that can be bought online.  These contain all-natural ingredients that have the same qualities as synthetic items except that allergies can be avoided.

• Local flowers aside from red and white carnations.  If you opt for imported flowers, chances are that the transportation costs (i.e., refrigeration, gas, fertilizers) leave a greater carbon footprint than purchasing locally grown flowers.

• Potted plants and herbs that she can grow in her backyard.  Among all the green gifts, this idea must be the greenest as the Earth definitely needs more plants to replace the one it loses on a daily basis to man’s insatiable needs for plant products.

With any of these gifts, you ought to make your mother happy on that special day of the year.  When you couple it with a hug and a kiss and a few words of praise, you can give her a handkerchief and she will be happier than a clam!

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