Have a Greener House Move

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Moving is always a messy process.  You discover things you had forgotten about and it is always likely that you will uncover a load of junk that you no longer want or need.  In addition, there are all the moving materials that you will use during the move and then be ready to throw away when you are done.  Moving can produce an amazing amount of trash.  So, how do you make your move a little greener?  There are many things you can do to have a greener house move.  You just have to get organized, focused and be willing to take a little time to keep things green.

Disposing of the Junk

The first step in moving is packing.  This means dragging everything out of closets and storage spaces.  Instead of simply packing it all away or just tossing it, take time to go through it.  See what items you want and what you can get rid of.

Instead of throwing things away think about whether they are still useful.  They may not be useful to you, but someone could use them.  Go donate them or have a yard sale.  If something is not useable then recycle it, if possible.

Try to reduce the amount of things you throw away.  Always look for an alternative option.  Remember keeping it green means reducing waste, so just keep that in mind.  It may take a little longer to go through everything and get packed, but the green pay off is worth it.

Packing Materials

Again, the attitude about convenience and getting things done fast seems to really take a toll on your green lifestyle when moving.  Slow down and think through your packaging material options.  You have options that are more environmentally friendly.  You do not have to resort to packing peanuts and cardboard boxes.  Even if you do – reuse them!

Some options you can use instead of cardboard boxes are plastic containers that can be reused once you unpack as storage bins.  Everyone can always use more storage, right?  Consider buying these containers and using them to pack at least some of your stuff to reduce the amount of cardboard boxes you need.

Instead of packing peanuts, try newspaper.  It works just as well and it is recyclable.  If you do use packing peanuts then try to find recyclable ones.  The traditional kind cannot be recycled and are simply just waste waiting to go to a landfill.

There is even more you can do to make your move a little greener.  You can look for environmentally friendly moving company.  They are becoming more and more available.  Just look in the yellow pages under movers or do an online search.  These companies are focused on ensuring that your move is green by using green packing materials and hybrid vehicles.

It is not impossible to make a move green.  In fact, this can be a great way to revamp your green lifestyle by getting rid of junk and starting out in your new home on the right foot.

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  1. carla says:

    Thank you for these tips! We are relocating in the next few weeks and can use all ideas I can find.

  2. carrie says:

    I just moved, and we had a ton of stuff. We donated truck loads to the goodwill. All the paper that accumulated we recycled on craigslist to help out another who was moving. All of our packing boxes and materials were used more than once, and maybe even more than that!

  3. Fundamental tenet of Lean methodology – all transport is waste. So reduce the moves:) Easily said than done though:)

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