Healing Yourself Naturally

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Walk down the aisles of the pharmacy section of your local superstore, and you’ll see row upon row of bottles of analgesics and aspirin, painkillers, drugs to lose weight, drugs to keep you awake at night, cold and flu medicines, and so on.  Most of them made out of chemicals, all of them with side-effects of some kind – if not apparent immediately they apparent after long term use.

Instead of investing in a cabinet of chemicals and drugs that you may not need, try healing yourself naturally.

For over-all health help, work on giving up various types of foods and drink.  Coffee may not contribute to weight loss like soda pop does, but it has just as much caffeine which can cause you to become nervy or have insomnia.  Caffeine is addictive and you may feel pangs for it as you wean yourself off, but in the long run you will feel better.

Fried and deep fried foods, such as French fries, chicken nuggets, and fried potatoes, are not healthy for you at all.  Take a look at the left-over grease you pour away into a glass jar and store, until you’ve filled it to the brim and can throw it away (or recycle).  Some of that grease was still on the food you ate, and that’s what that grease now looks like, in your arteries.  Your body does its best to flush the impurities away, but why put that extra strain on your heart and arteries?

Smoking and chewing tobacco are no-nos.  Indeed, chewing tobacco is worse than smoking, because the nicotine it contains is absorbed directly into your bloodstream in greater concentrations than cigarette smoke.  And of course, it stains your teeth and looks gross, both in your mouth and when you spit it out.

But after you’ve cut out all the caffeine, and the nicotine, and the unhealthy foods, what happens if you still get a headache?

Home remedies abound for headaches.  Next time you get one, the first thing you should do is drinking a glass of water, and sees if that helps.  Most headaches are caused by dehydration.  If it doesn’t help you in this case, take a lemon and squeeze its juice into a cup of tea, and drink it down.  This has been reported to be quite efficacious.  In order to prevent headaches entirely, make sure to remain well-hydrated, and try eating an apple a day.

Alleviating fever can also be done naturally.  Drinking plenty of liquids helps.  Take a lukewarm bath (not a cold one), then relax in bed and let yourself sleep.  You do not want to eliminate the fever, just lower your temperature, because that fever is your body’s natural way of healing itself.

By following a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, and plenty of sleep, most common illnesses can be avoided.  Should you get ill on a regular basis, it is time to visit the doctor for a complete checkup (in addition to the complete checkup that you have once a year, as well!).

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