Heating Your Home in a Green and Money Saving Way

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Your annual energy use is likely to be directed towards the water and space heating.  If you are like most people today, your energy bills are higher than ever.  The efficient home heating must be used in order to save your money and reduce the carbon footprint.  Apply the following tips in order to make your home greener, more energy saving, and even save some cash too.  For instance, start by sealing the leaks.  Heat loss from such leaks is one of many reasons why you cannot enjoy a warm and comfortable home during wintertime.  It is high time for you to seal such leaks in order to preserve the energy and protect your wallet.  Good insulation is your main guarantee that your home will not be affected by the extreme weather conditions attributed to the climate change.  You will need insulation strips or a tube of exterior silicone caulk in order to seal your windows and doors.

First order of business is to find those leaks! In order to do this, you can use a candle on a very breezy day in order to determine their location.  You will have to close all the doors and windows and start wandering around the rooms in order to search for the existing leaks that prevent you from having a warm, cozy, and insulated personal space.  You will have to pay attention to the direction where the smoke drifts in order to detect your future target zones.  As soon as you manage to detect those zones, use the silicone tube to seal them.  Next, you should cover your glass because installing some clear plastic barriers on your windows is likely to make the difference for your home heating.  The storm windows can also be used in order to cut the current heat loss.  They are designed to create the dead-air and insulating space inside your windows.  You can purchase such storm windows at most local store.  They are a wise investment because they are designed in order to increase the present temperature of your interior windows on a cold day.  You will feel more comfortable, and so will your wallet.

Don’t forget about staying ventilated.  The better you insulate and draft-proof your home, the more you are likely to need good ventilation to provide yourself with optimized results.  The pollutants coming from your heaters may accumulate over time.  The excess condensation will cause mildew and mold to grow, which is the last thing anyone wants to happen.  Therefore, open some windows for a couple of minutes a day in order to properly ventilate your home.  Next, you will have to spread the home heat and use the right heaters that can be directed to heat you from your toes to your head.  Such heaters are cost effective as well and your initial investment will be paid off in no time.  You will have to heat your home in a wise manner.

Forget about heating your home to tropical temperatures, this may be very uncomfortable.  Utilizing your thermostat will not only keep your home at the right temperature, it’ll also save you money.  For instance, try and reduce the temperature at night.  Your programmable thermostat will soon become your best friend when it comes to heating your home in a green and money saving way.

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    Good tips. Keeping your heating efficient and your heating bill low are important for us all. :o)

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