Help Your School Go Green

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Nowadays, everybody must do their share of protecting and conserving Mother Nature, most especially school children of all ages.  After all, the Earth is your greatest inheritance and, as such, you have a great responsibility and an even greater right to protect it.  Plus, there is also the matter of schools being one of the front liners for educating the present and future generations of environmental advocates.

With that said, here are ways that you, elementary pupils and high school students, can help your school go green.  After all, even students can teach their teachers a thing or two.

Create Awareness

The first step towards a greener school is to create an awareness of the urgent need for adopting eco-friendly measures in the school.  To use an analogy from nature, you must sow an acorn, nurture it, and watch it grow to become a great oak.

You may adopt the following steps in creating environmental awareness.  Don’t worry because these are little steps that can achieve big things through your persistence, passion and patience.

First, you can gather your friends to form an eco-friendly group.  In most instances, you don’t need school permission so you don’t need to worry about organizational details like by-laws and sets of officers.

Second, write down and evaluate your ideas for a greener school.  You can start small but think big so that you have big dreams, too.  Also, keep in mind that even the most ridiculous ideas can be a wealth of materials for more brilliant ideas.

Third, you have to present your ideas to people whom you think will be your strongest allies like your environmentally aware teacher and your student council members.  You will be surprised at how people in your school are just waiting for somebody to start the ball rolling towards a greener school.

Needless to say, you have to sustain the momentum of your initiative.  You need not worry about this for once you have planted an acorn, it pretty much takes care of itself in many ways.

Create Action

Well, of course, awareness must be translated into action since otherwise, everything will be for naught.  With that said, here are great ideas that start small but can achieve big things:

* Installation of recycling bins

* Tree planting activities

* Put up a worm farm for the school garden – ask the cafeteria for food scraps

* Adopt paper recycling methods

* Lesser electricity consumption through replacement of compact florescent lamps and turning off air cons/fans/heaters and computers when not in use, among other things

* Replacing cleaners with harmful ingredients for more natural, more eco-friendly alternatives

* Suggest that the cafeteria source its food materials from local sources to conserve on transportation costs as well as to benefit the local economy

* Turn an idle land within school premises into green areas like a mini-tree park or a vegetable garden

* Request the school newsletter to reserve a column for green living

* Petition the school administration to turn the school into a green school through the use of solar and wind power

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for turning your school into an eco-friendly zone.  The most important thing is that you have the guts and gumption to start doing so.  Thus, starting today, do your share and help your school become greener.

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