Home Solar Panels: The Future has arrived, and it’s green!

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Solar energy has come to the rescue of Haiti after it was struck with January 12 earthquake that claimed thousands of lives.  There is no electricity to energize hospitals and relief work past dusk.  Sol Inc. a Palm City based company donated solar lighting supplies that would help relief workers work round the clock.  The solar revolution has finally caught up after several decades.

Solar Panels for Clean Energy

For decades, the world relied on the earth’s resources for energy.  These resources are non-renewable and are feared to be on the decline and some of these have cause havoc on the environment causing air and water pollution.  An alternative is solar energy.  To use the sun’s energy, the sun’s energy is trapped and stored in solar panels.

Solar panels do not produce energy, but stores the sun’s energy and processed later into usable energy for homes and using this type of energy reduces C02 emissions.  With a growing awareness of environmental hazards, the world is shifting to go green with the government-approved installation of solar panels in homes, schools, churches, hospitals and other government and non-government institutions.

More homeowners are installing solar panels on their roofs as their commitment to contribute to environmental safety.  Although this may be pricey, the government offers rebates for homeowners who have installed these panels and the long run homeowners can enjoy slashed energy bills and still enjoy using their heaters, TVs, and air-conditioners AND sell surplus energy back to the grid.

Solar Power Your House

You do not just slap solar panels on your roof yet the job is not that hard.  The trick is knowing how to start it right to maximize the sun’s energy; you have to consider the position of your home first.  There’s the current roofing orientation.  The roof must be at the right angle to capture the sun’s energy the whole year round.  There might be some major work to be done too if you want to maximize energy production to heat up your home during winter or cool your home during summer, or anytime during the day or night.

Referring to meteorological data, you can use the information to assess your electricity demand during the different seasons as well as the production of electricity during different weather conditions.  This will help you decide how you want your solar installation work for your energy needs all year round.

This will be the gauge for your solar system installation – the number of PV modules needed and the appropriate system voltage.  You can always get an expert to handle these tricky matters I you are not sure how well you can calculate the estimates.  However, the more solar panels you use, the more solar energy can be stored and converted.  For your solar installation needs, check solar professionals in your area or visit online sites that have established a credible track record in the business.

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