Hosting a Green Birthday Party for Your Kids

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Hosting a green birthday party for your kids is a great way to have a positive impact on the environment, and teach your children that being “green” is a fun and entertaining way to go!  As a parent, I know how much waste can be accumulated at a child’s birthday party.  Balloons, paper plates, decorative napkins, plastic eat ware, wrapping paper, packages from gifts, and several items are almost always left behind.  Naturally, all of these items add up when they finally get to the landfill.  Birthday parties generate a lot of waste!  However, there are now many ways to have an “ECO” friendly birthday party.  Here, you will learn about some of the steps that you can take as a parent hosting a green birthday party for your kids.

1.    Now, nearly all birthday parties have a cake and similar types of foods.  While it may be tempting to go out and buy paper plates, you should avoid this temptation.  Simply use the dishes and bowls that you already have in the home, and just wash them afterwards.  This way, you are not producing mounds of trash each year with paper plates.

2.    The next item on the list is silverware.  It is important to use the forks and spoons that you already have not plastic ones that you simply throw away.  This can produce a lot of waste in landfills.

3.    If you want to buy plates and cups instead of using the ones that you already have in the home, it is important that you work to focus on purchasing those that are biodegradable.  This way, when they go to landfills, they naturally degrade back into the earth and do not lead to the dangerous emissions that are in the atmosphere.

4.    All birthday parties normally have some sort of game or fun activity to engage in.  It is important that you choose “green” ways to have fun.  You may choose to host a party at the local community park, or come up with games that are earth-friendly.  For example, you could come up with a game where you dig small holes, and allow children to see how far they can throw a stone in each hole.

5.    The next thing that you have to consider when hosting a birthday party for your kids is the amount of energy consumption that is used.  For this reason, it is important to consider having a birthday party outdoors – the beach, your yard, the park.  This way, there is no cause for a large amount of energy to be used when guests arrive.

6.    If you want to host a “green” birthday party, encourage all of the guests to only wrap presents in biodegradable products – like bags.  Encourage them to avoid using standard wrapping paper and other items that can linger in landfills for many years to come.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to ensure that the birthday party that you host for your children is environmentally friendly.  All it takes is a little creativity, and some fun and hosting a green birthday party for your kids will be a success!

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  1. Anna Pitt says:

    I’d like to add to these great tips!

    It is better to compost biodegradable paper cups or plates rather than allowing them to end up in landfill – biodegradable stuff in landfill does lead to greenhouse gas emissions. This is why it is so important that food waste and paper is composted rather than sent to landfill.

    I monitor closely the food part of the occasion and make sure that children take a little bit and then more if they want it. I serve things in small portions so I don’t end up with loads of half eaten sandwiches – (I do this for adult parties too!).

    Wrapping paper can generally be reused or recycled. I certainly always reuse gift bags. I always save any bows or ribbons for reuse.

    I love your idea of having a party outdoors. I have done this a few times even though pone of my children has an autumn birthday. We have made it clear on the invitation that wellington boots and warm coats will be needed and we’ve had some great fun with treasure hunts, football games or hide and seek.

  2. Ben Hodges says:

    I agree with Anna, GET YOUR OWN COMPOST OR WORMERY going, deal with your own waste( if that is what you call it) On Michael’s Original farm we call it food for the soil…

    Oh yeah after and during kids parties, loads of spills to clear up try our coco pith sponges….

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