How Can You Help Your Child’s School Go Green?

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If you have been wondering how you can help your child’s school go green, you have come to the right place!  It is important for all of us to work together in order to ensure that we are protecting our environment, and our world on the whole.  It is important that educational facilities such as public schools, private schools, and other types of educational institutions work with our children, and teach them the importance of properly protecting the environment.  Your child and their peers are the future of the world.  If we get them involved now, there is hope for a safe and sound environment in their future.  Here, you will learn how to help your child’s school go green.

1.    The first thing that you can do to encourage your child’s school to go green is to meet with the principal and other advisors at the school community, including the superintendent.  You should stress to them the importance of taking an active role in the community efforts to live in an earth-friendly manner.  In addition to the benefits that will take place to the environment, it is important to outline the advantages that the school will experience by choosing to go green.

2.    The next way that you can encourage the school where your child attends to go green is to create a “Green Team”.  This team will be directly responsible for promoting “green” events in the school, and organizing all efforts to ensure that the students, faculty, staff, and parents all work together in order to ensure that the school is making every effort possible to be environmentally friendly, and encouraging others in the community to do the same.

3.    There should be an action plan put into place that details the vision of the school going green, as well as the community that the school is located in.  This action plan should carefully detail the goals that you and the school have, and their role in the accomplishment of ensuring environmentally friendly practices in the community.

4.    You can encourage the school to construct a special habitat for plant and animal life on the grounds.  This is a special area that is created for insects, animals, and plants that are native to the area to grow and thrive.  Parents and students, as well as the faculty and staff members of the school can join forces to volunteer their time, gardening supplies, and talents to the mission.  Then, the National Wildlife Federation can be contacted for official registry.  The school will then receive public recognition, as well as special certification provided by the Federation.

5.    The next way that you can encourage your child’s school to go green is by suggesting additions to the curriculum that is based on the concept of saving the environment, reducing waste, recycling, saving energy, preserving water, and other tasks.

There are many different ideas on encouraging your child’s school to go green.  Here, you have been introduced to five different ideas that can help promote being environmentally friendly.  It is important to get all of the people in your community on the same page when it comes to going green.  By using these ideas, you can get on the right track with the school that your child and all of their friends attend.

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  1. Great article. It’s also important to find ways for school administration and parent clubs to encourage parents to not keep their cars idling while waiting for their children and/or to explore ways for children to safely walk, bicycle, carpool or take mass transit to school.

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