How to Fight Chapped Lips: Natural Remedies to Stop the Burning and Pain

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Chapped lips happen for many reasons including extreme exposure to the wind, sun and cold air, breathing with the mouth open, constant licking of lips, physical dehydration and contact with allergens in cosmetics like lipstick.  The symptoms can affect quality of life especially where eating food is concerned as chapped lips are often very sensitive to the touch.  Fortunately, there are many natural remedies to relieve the symptoms of chapped lips.  Of course, once you relieve the symptoms, you would have won the battle against the pain and the burning associated with very dry lips.

Your lips are chapped because they are dry.  As such, it is imperative to keep them as hydrated as much as possible with the following methods:

- Use cool saltwater compresses daily, preferably before you hit the sack, for about a week.  Just mix one teaspoon of rock salt to a pint of water, soak a washcloth in it and lay over your lips for about 15 minutes.  You should then lock in the moisture by applying a natural lip balm or petroleum jelly.

- Apply either a vegetable oil like tea tree oil or the juice of an aloe vera on your lips.  Remember to dilute the tea tree oil with water.

- Consume more fluids especially water to bring back the moisture in your body, thus, lessening the severity of the chapped lips from the inside.

- Ensure that your home is neither too dry in summer nor too cold in winter.  If possible, use a humidifier during winter.

- Rub a slice of cucumber directly on your lips, which will help in cooling it down and in easing the burning feelings.

The most important thing in treating chapped lips is to counteract what brought it in the first place – lack of moisture.  However, you do not bring back the moisture by constantly licking your lips for obvious reasons.

Protect Your Lips

The next logical step will be to protect your chapped lips from becoming even drier than it already is, of which the following methods can significantly help:

- Use a commercial lip balm with sunscreen in it.  Your lips are easily sunburned, thus, leading to chapped lips so it is only logical to protect it with sunscreen.  However, avoid flavored commercial lip balms because you will lick your lips more often than necessary and, hence, worsen your lip situation.

- Make your own lip balms if you are allergic to the commercial varieties.  Also, it is a good idea to ascertain the reasons for your frequent lip-licking and then avoiding them.  For example, if stress makes you lick your lips more, then manage your stress.

- Avoid lipsticks to which you are allergic to.  Instead, you should opt for hypoallergenic products or avoid them altogether during treatment.

- Use baking soda for brushing your teeth instead of toothpaste since it can dry out your lips.

With these natural remedies on treating your chapped lips, you should be able to pucker up, eat food and say cheese without saying “ouch”.

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  1. i had no idea that aloe vera juice would help chapped lips. i have a plant at home, so i plan to try it out. thanks for the tips.

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