How to Make Your Family Go Greener

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Sometimes within our homes, it’s easy to get lazy and start going back to habits that make us wasteful and some habits that may even have negative impacts on our environment.  If you are trying to go green in your own home, it can be frustrating if you don’t have the cooperation of your family.  Getting your family involved can take some time, and you definitely don’t want to stress them out about it.  Here are some simple ideas that you can try to help make your family go greener.

Try a Bit of Simple Education

More than likely the people in your family don’t appreciate being told to do things without knowing why they should do it.  This is where some simple education can come in handy.  When you make them understand why you are asking them to do something, they are more likely to do it.  Just telling them it’s just the right environmental thing to do is probably not going to work.  Take times to actually explain the logic behind things you ask them to do at family times, such as when you are all eating dinner together.  If you can get them to understand that just the little things they do can make a difference and why, they’ll probably be more likely to start helping you go green in your home.

Don’t Go Overboard

When you start realizing the importance of going green, it’s easy to become the “green evangelist”, going around preaching at everyone in your home.  More than likely your family just isn’t as excited as you are, so avoid going overboard.  Get too carried away and your family will be rolling their eyes at you, so go slowly, don’t go overboard, and try just focusing on one change at a time.

Make it Easy for Your Family

Another tip to help you make your family go greener without stressing them out is to make it easy on them.  If you want a specific thing to change, making it easier will help.  If you have the recycling bin outside, more than likely your family won’t make that trek to the bin.  Add another specific bin for plastics, one for cans, and then one for other types of trash, and making it so easy for them will pretty much guarantee they’ll start worrying about this and following your example and advice.

Have Some Fun

Making things fun and even offering some rewards can also help you to get your family go green.  After all, humans really learn things best when they are rewarded.  Positive reinforcement is very important.  When your family remembers to recycle or remembers to shut off the lights when they leave the room, come up with a good green reward to thank them.  This way you reinforce the action in a positive way, making them want to do the green thing in your home.

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  1. Alina Here says:

    Yes, You are Absolutely Right. LoL I used to be the one Rolling my eyes at my hubby when he’d place all the recyclable items next to the kitchen sink to take them out later in the evening. I’d get upset b/c of the clutter, even though I knew he’s take it out before going to bed. His Consistency & Persistence now has me setting aside items thru out the day for the recycle bin. LoL It just takes One person!!
    I also became a part of & now I’m also eating Greener!! Slowly but surely, I’m seeking ways to learn how to help our planet & live a healthier lifestyle. One just has to start with Baby Steps because the Path is there, just follow it.
    Although I hope no one rolls their eyes at me… LoL. Thank you for the article!!

  2. Mrs. G says:

    This is so true! I especially like the “green evangelist” portion and what we shouldn’t do. There is so much we should do but paying attention to what we shouldn’t do can incorporate others to join us in making the world a greener place.

    Just discovered your site and will be following you on twitter. Great information. Thanks!

  3. Alicia says:

    I have found that having the kids recycle can be a fun way to introduce them into the green lifestyle. Its easy and makes them feel good about doing something positive to help our planet

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