How to Save Some Trees

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Joyce Kilmer must have had a prophetic eye.  She wrote a beautiful poem about a tree and extolled its beauty as lovelier than a poem but that was then when trees grew abundantly in forests and the countryside.  Today, the forests are groaning from the wanton rape of its treasures – trees.

Do Your Part, Use Less Paper

Trees and only trees can be used to make quality paper.  If you don’t know it yet, the world uses an estimated 93 percent of paper and a ton of paper requires two to three times its weight in trees.  Sadly, it takes 55 percent of cut trees to supply the world with paper and it takes years before a seedling grows to maturity.  Can you already imagine the magnitude of it all?

If you use paper like there is no tomorrow and shoot a lot of paper to the trash bin, it is about time to think about the implication of your actions on the environment.  Now, if there were millions of paper consumers like you, how would the paper story end?

It does not take so much of your time and energy to do your part to save the trees.  Minimizing the use of paper to only important documents and using electronic mail for your communication greatly reduces your consumption of paper and slashes the budget for office paper.

Encourage your co-workers, family and friends to stint on paper.  In the workplace, reuse paper for inter-office communication or bind used paper to make logbooks.  Your logbook, post-it, and interoffice memo may not be cool but that is a small price to pay to save trees.

At home, explain to your children why they should not waste paper.  Show the delicate relationship between the environment and the survival of the planet and demonstrate how trees give living things air to breathe and to survive.  Ration paper after checking out how much paper they need everyday for school and homework and reward them for their gallant participation to save the trees.


Recycling is an environmental buzz word.  Recycle your paper or reuse them.  Check out if there is a recycling facility in your area so you can dump your old magazines and newspapers, carton, and other articles that use paper.  The recycling facility will pay you for your efforts and sell these items to a bigger facility which processes the discarded items.

Used paper is recycled into paper bags; take a cue from this.  You can create beautiful bags and Paper Mache art for your home.  Check out online sites giving away free instructions to make paper bags, origami décor, and other items that can be salvaged from old magazines and newspapers.

Using less paper, reusing paper and recycling paper are great ways to help save trees.  If a million people will do what you do, think of how much it can do to save the world’s trees.  The best time to act is now, not tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.

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