How to Stop Impulse Buying and Start Helping the Environment

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Impulse buying is a major issue for many people.  Seeing something that seems so great and becoming a victim to clever marketing is at the heart of impulse buying.  Impulse buying, though, has a very negative effect on the environment as many of these impulse buys end up laying in landfills because we never really needed or wanted them in the first place.  Not to mention, buying such things only encourage the manufacturer to make more of them, thus producing more environmental damage.  To do your part, you have to get impulse buying under control.

Curbing the Impulse

One of the only ways to stop yourself from buying something that you do not need is to think through every purchase you make.  Instead of simply tossing items in your shopping cart, think about each item first.  Ask yourself if you really need the item.

You also need to consider what you need versus what you want.  Most often we buy things because we want them, not because we need them.  This is just a waste of money and is the true example of an impulse purchase.  You should be buying things that you need, not buying because you think they look neat.

Understanding Need Vs Want

How do you know if you need something? It is pretty simple actually.  Think about how you will use it.  If you can see multiple uses and see it as something that you will use for a long time, then it is a good purchase.  Maybe you need it to replace something else you have that is worn out.  That would make it a good purchase.

Now, when you simply want something you can’t see a real logical use for it and you can’t say that it would be something you would use throughout the years.  You may be drawn to the brand name or some flashy advertising.  Think about what you like about the actual product.  Really look at it and make sure you can say that it is a useful product that will benefit you.

Helpful Tips

Finding other ways to help you to stop impulse buying can always be a good idea.  It can be very hard to stop yourself from buying all the pretty things you see in the store especially if you are lucky enough to have the money to do so.  When you need a little extra help refer to this list of helpful tips:

– Always use a shopping list.
– Set a budget and stick to it.
– Plan larger purchases.
– Always wait a few months to buy electronics or computer products.  The newest releases are almost always made better a re-released.
– Comparison shop to get the lowest prices.  This also gives you extra time to think through the purchase.
– Do not fall into the coupon trap.  Do not use a coupon on an item you would have never bought without it.

Stopping impulse buying can be difficult.  It is a habit and habits are hard to kick.  To make it a little easier just think about all the money you will save and about the positive impact you are having on the environment.

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