How to: Throwing a Green Eco-Friendly kids Party

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Kids enjoy parties.  They love having fun, great food, and great activities.  Of course, over the past few years, parties for kids have become quite lavish.  However, you don’t have to go overboard with a party for the kids.  Even if you are going green, there are plenty of ways you can throw a fun and eco friendly party that they will all enjoy.  Here are some ideas to help you throw a green party.

Ideas for Green Invites

Of course, you are going to need to invite some others to the party.  It’s easy to send out green invitations.  You can do it all through email, and the invitations can still be creative.  If you like something a bit more personal, then have kids help you craft your own fun invitations to hand deliver.

Green Food Ideas

If you are trying to throw an eco friendly party for your kids, try keeping the food pretty simple.  Cake is one thing that even the most picky kids can agree on.  Instead of purchasing a cake, make a cake at home.  One of the most popular choices is to make a batch of cupcakes and you can add all kinds of decorations with ingredients that are organic.

If you are having a meal, you can make it green, tasty, and really yummy for the kids.  Finger foods make a great option.  Pizza, cookies, small sandwiches, chicken fingers, and even popcorn are some great options.  Smoothies taste great for dessert, frozen yogurt is tasty, and instead of sugar laden drinks, make tea or sugar free drinks.

Ideas for Cutlery and Dishes

Instead of going with plastic cutlery that will simply be thrown away, use flatware that is reusable.  You can simply wash it when kids are done eating at the party.  Don’t go with paper napkins either.  You want to keep things green, so choose reusable cloth napkins that you can simply wash.

Decoration Ideas

Even if you are going to have a theme for the party, do not go crazy with all the decorations, especially if they are going to get thrown away.  If you are having a theme, such as Harry Potter, more than likely your kids have items that will already be suitable for decoration.  Instead of purchasing more decorations, have your kids help you make the decorations.  Make streamers, paper garland, and more.  You can look through the basement or attic for items that you can use to decorate up for the party as well.

Fun Activity Ideas

Of course, you’ll want the activities for the kids to continue the green theme that you are using.  There are many great ideas that you can use.  Consider classic games for kids that don’t require a lot of different equipment.  If you want to use music for some activity fun, consider doing some karaoke or playing musical chairs.  Scavenger hunts and races are a lot of fun if you are going to be having the party outside.

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  1. There are just so many ways that a party, especially kids parties, can be no environmentally friendly. Great guide and hopefully many parents follow this to make their parties a little more eco-friendly.

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