Is Organic Baby Food Harmful?

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No.  Organic baby food cannot harm your baby.  Vegetables, fruits, and wheat grown without the help of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, do not contain traces of these toxic substances that cannot be eliminated by the baby’s immune system.  Organic baby food is the healthiest food around for babies, and to think that babies eat more often than adults, they are exposed to the risk of ingesting pesticides.

What is Organic Food?

People who are diagnosed with cancer stumble across organic food and by this time, it might be too late.  If you start your baby on organic food and drinks, the foundation for baby’s health is solid.  Organic baby food is sourced from pesticide-free grains, vegetables and fruits.  To grow organic food, farmers use organic seeds.  These can also be purchased from local plant nurseries or ordered online.

Non-organic vegetables and fruits are picture-pretty.  These are coated with pesticides that prevent bugs and worms and other pests from feasting on the vegetables and fruits, and grains, hence these retain a healthy look.

Pesticides clinging to the veggies and fruits find themselves into the insides and no amount of washing the vegetable clean can eliminate all traces of poisons that kill a variety of pests and plants, too.  The active ingredients in pesticides also include rodenticides.  The pesticides are absorbed through unprotected skin and can lead to poisoning, serious allergies, and to an extent – death.  If skin contact with pesticides can do great harm, ingesting the pesticides in fruits and vegetable can do greater harm to a baby’s health.

People exposed  to pesticides experience unexplained fatigue, headaches, nausea and vomiting, skin irritation, breathing problems, brain disorders, blood disorders, damage to the liver and kidney and reproductive system.

Organic Baby Food

Babies are introduced to solids when they are four months old.  The gradual introduction of food prepares babies to recognize different tastes and textures as well as teach them to eat healthy.  Instead of giving them non-organic baby foods that may contain low levels of toxic contaminants, give them the organic ones.  Frequent ingestion of non-organic foods can cause health problems later.

Giving your baby organic baby food reduces baby’s chances of getting cancer, brain tumors, neurological problems and learning disabilities.  By giving babies organic food, you encourage organic planting which saves the soil from contaminants.  If soil is contaminant free, it regains its health to grow robust agricultural crops; instead of chemical pesticides farmers resort to natural pesticides and methods to get rid of plant pests and rodents.

Organic baby foods are pricier than regular baby food products.  But moms cannot put a price on their baby’s health.  When shopping for your organic baby foods, always check the label.  Manufacturers of organic baby foods offer certified organic products.  Cereals, starter solids, pureed fruits and vegetables – all organic are now available in your favorite supermart.

If baby is starting on solids, give baby healthy organic cereals, fruits and vegetables.  There’s nothing like knowing you have a healthy baby in your care.  Again, organic baby foods are best for babies, no doubt about that.

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