Kids Crafts Can and Should Be Eco Friendly

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Now is the time to install the train of thought in your kids that working to save the environment is important.  If you wait too long, this is an idea that they might not catch onto and that would be a very sad thing indeed.  Our landfills already have enough garbage in them.  It is a sad thing to because only about ten percent of what is there is actual garbage.  Everything else could have been recycled.

The best way to make sure that your kids are getting some hands-in experience with creating an eco friendly world is to make crafts with them that recycle things.  You can also make use of natural items, recycled items or reused items.  Crafting with the kids is now not only fun, but also it is an educational experience as well.

An example of a fun craft would be beanbags.  Take some old shirts, jeans, blankets, or maybe old cloth napkins and cut them into four-inch squares.  Just as you would for a pillow, sew three sides together, fill with beans, and sew it shut.  If you want to get more creative with the beanbags, you can use stencils and fabric paint to paint on shapes, numbers, letters, or anything else that you can think of.

For the kids that like to give grandma or mom a special bouquet of flowers, how about a nice bouquet of fabric flowers made from scrap material that you have laying around the house?  First, you will want to let the kids pick some fabric scraps of their choice.

Take your pinking shears and cut the fabric in one-inch by four-inch strips.  Fold each strip in half and layer the strips – with the loop side on the outside – and work your way around in a circle making a flower shape.  Pin it all together in the middle and then sew a pretty button in the middle, which will hold everything together.  Use fabric glue to attach floral wire to the back of the flower.  Create as many flowers as you would like and then arrange them in a bouquet.

As you can see, there are many creative things that you can get your kids involved with that they would simply be thrilled with.  Not only will they learn about crafting, but also they will bond with you and they will be helping to keep things out of the landfill while they are doing it.

When kids start recycling things at a young age, be it through a recycling center or by crafting with items that would have otherwise gone in the trash, they will grow up to do the same thing.  It will be a habit for them and a fun one at that.

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