Looking at the iPad: Is It Really All That Green?

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There are many people are have been taking a close look at the iPad recently.  The big question is whether it is truly green, when it is put up against the product that it is trying to replace.  When Kindle hit the scene, everyone thought it was the greatest thing but now, it seems that iPad might be giving it a run for the money.

First, just what is the iPad?  The iPad is an electronic device that will allow you to listen to your favorite music, read all of your favorite books, use the Internet, and store your favorite videos – along with many other things.

While there is the obvious benefit of not using trees to create the books, there have been concerns over the iPad itself being bad for the environment in other ways.  The thing is, though, the display glass of the iPad is free of Arsenic.  There are no Brominated flame retardants used on or in the iPad.  The LCD display is also free of mercury and the whole thing is PVC free.  The glass enclosure and the aluminum are recyclable.  All in all, the iPad does pretty well against its competitors.

So, is the iPad an eco friendly purchase?  Yes, many will tell you that it is.  If you are someone that reads a lot of books, going with the iPad instead of purchasing regular books saves trees.  Also, if you do not use a spreadsheet or word processor program than the iPad might just be able to replace your computer.  Think of how much energy is consumed by the use of laptops and desktops compared to the 2.5 watts that the iPad uses.

If you like to have a word processing program, just in case, the iPad does come with the capability to have a full sized keyboard plugged into it.  In addition, those word processing programs are generally able to be found online free of charge so you will be able to make use of them whenever you need to.

When it comes down to it, sure, the Kindle is better than purchasing hundreds of books and using your desktop computer, but the iPad is much better than the Kindle.  You simply have to look at all of the various factors and you will be able to make your purchasing decision in no time at all.

So, whether you are looking for a gift for someone you love or something special for yourself, the iPad is a fun choice and it is a choice that is eco friendly as well.  Just use it a few times and you will never want to return to your regular desktop computer or the pile of books you have in the corner of your room ever again.

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  1. Stu says:

    I’m pretty sure that like the ipod you can’t replace the battery, so that would kill its green credentials right there.

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