Natural Alternatives to Refined Sugar

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Refined sugar is not only poor for our health, but it also put a strain on our environment as well.  There are natural alternatives to refined sugar that will fit into your balanced diets as well as the balance of our environment!

Refined sugar is made by extracting the sucrose from the sugar cane plant.  Once that is done, they use a purification system so to speak, to get out all of the stuff that comes in the plant, such as insect parts, and fibers from the plant.  This is how white sugar is made, the same type of sugar that we put on our cereal, or in our coffee.  White sugar is the most common type of sugar that is used today.  Sugar causes weight gain in us, and it takes up a lot of energy to actually make, which is why it is not too healthy for the environment.

When white sugar is made, it goes through a specific process to actually turn the sugar white, it does not just come like that all by itself.  In fact, sugar right off of the cane, is called raw sugar, and instead of having fine little crystals of sugar, like white sugar, the raw sugar crystals are a bit larger, and it is brown in color.  Raw sugar is brown in color due to the fact that when it goes through its preparation period, it turns brown due to the molasses that is used.

Due to the fact that we use more energy to actually produce white sugar, we are hurting our environment, and every little bit of help at this point is crucial in the preservation of this earth.  The sugar mills that are built to create this sugar in the western countries, creates chemicals such as carbon dioxide that is essentially released and carried along into the environment.  Not only are we hurting ourselves, but we are also hurting the wildlife that surrounds these sugar mills, which can essentially lead to extinction of certain species of animals.

Now, there are alternatives to refined sugar that are not only going to help the environment, but they are going to help your health as well.  Refined sugar simply speeds up the decay of your teeth, and causes serious weight gain, mainly in the younger generation these days.  If you need something sweet, but do not have to worry about the calories, then try using natural sweeteners instead.

Natural sweeteners are a great way to go because of the low calorie intake and the various types of natural sweeteners that you can choose from!  Take a look at Sucanat, which actually comes from a sugar cane, only the sugar cane has been grown organically.  Stevia has been known to be 300 times sweeter than refined sugar, so you would only need a tiny amount to sweeten anything you desire.  This natural sweetener is excellent for people who have diabetes.

Refined sugar is slowly being phased out, as people start to hear about natural sweeteners and other natural alternatives to refined sugar and what they have to offer.  If you are looking for something that is not going to cause weight gain, or other various health problems, then drop the refined sugar, help the environment and yourself, and switch to natural sweeteners!

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  1. Lucy says:

    Good post. It has taken me a long time to not use white sugar but I think Im finally switched over. Now our family mainly uses honey due to how it helps with immunity to colds. Ill tweet this now.

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